Jerry Lawler Sends Out A Tout

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Jerry Lawler continues to be improving as we seen a picture of him released earlier today but he sent out a Tout tonight. It can be seen below.

  • brandon

    long live the king

  • Richy

    glad to see this thanks for posting

  • Lenny

    God bless you Jerry!

  • dusty588

    Good ol' King, sounds pretty good, looking good, and hoping for a speedy recovery!

  • Matt

    For him, so soon after being unconscious that long, to recognize everything is a great sign. Although I hope he doesn't rush back to work, I think we'll be seeing him sooner than later

  • Patrick Peralta

    Long live the KING!!!! he is looking good.

  • christopher525

    Got to admit, this is the first time I can remember, actually feeling scared about losing a celebrity. Say what you want about wrestling, and the WWE, but these people start to feel like family over time. It's so great to see he's coming along as well and quickly as he has so far.

    • USMC Batman

      I couldn’t have said it better myself

      • Ranfery25


      • Josh

        YES YES YES they feel like family to me to.

  • hits

    no thank you kin for the best commentry action !!!!!!!

  • Joda

    First time I didn't get annoyed by seeing a Tout!

  • Oliver Fisher

    I hope Vince McMahon feels guilty as this is all his fault. Making him wrestle at his age wasn’t his best idea.

    • ericdraven86

      Jerry wrestles in independent promotions pretty regularly. If he didn’t wanna wrestle, he wouldn’t. Vince doesn’t make him, but since the resource was still there he utilized it.

      • Evon Reese

        No one makes Jerry wrestle. He might have been who Tripple H was referring to in his promo. I like Jerry and I've enjoyed him but at over 60 years old I hope he sticks to commentary from now on. I appreciate everything he's done. Sooner or later you gotta call it quits. I love how they utilize the older wrestlers once a year like they did on 1000 raw. But to have an active schedule at that age has to take a major toll on the body. And quite frankly watching all that unfold sucked. It made me sick to think Jerry might be gone forever, when you watch them week after week, years after years it's like they become part of your family . I hope Jerry has many years left in life and the WWE, just not in the ring.

    • Anon

      Really? What an idiotic comment.

    • SRP

      Oliver Fisher, why do ignorant people such as yourself feel the need to make your uninformed opinions known?

  • Conley

    It's great to see King's doing so much better that he can actually make one of his classic cracks. Can't wait for the day he gets a clean bill of health and can go home.