Jerry Lawler Suffering From Depression?

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Jerry Lawler did a local media interview with WMC-TV Channel 14 where he discussed his road to recovery after suffering a heart attack last year.

Lawler says his girlfriend tells him he's depressed because he's still not cleared to wrestle. While he admitted he doesn't feel depressed, he's not cleared to wrestle because he's taking blood thinners and the risk of him getting cut is too great.

You can watch the full interview embedded in the video below:

[information]14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro[/information]

Click here to check out the feature in its entirety.

  • Michael

    I respect Jerry and I like most fans was praying for him every day until he got well enough to return, but Jerry you need to leave the ring alone. You almost died scared your fans half to death rather it was related to the ring or not just hearing the King again is good enough for me and I’m sure almost all of his fans would agree. You don’t get many second chances at life don’t blow it you’ll be the King forever.

  • Rich

    Erm, that’s not suffering from depression. That’s being down about not being able to wrestle.. Man Richard gray, stick to commenting on wrestling.

    • Kenneth

      Aye, there’s a world of difference between depression and feeling a bit down about something.

      • Rich

        Exactly. This is basically using the term loosely, which is fine, but the title of the story is incorrect and shows lack of knowledge. Should be changed.

    • did you see the ? after the world depression? Thats basically saying “is he suffering from depression”

      • Rich

        Which he obviously isn’t based on the report so why even question?

        • SRP

          To get people to read the article for the answer. It’s a normal practice in journalism that really isn’t worth complaining about.

          • Rich

            It is when it’s depression. Sensationalism.

    • There’s a big difference between Richard making up stories and Richard reporting on an interview that is out there for all to see. Richard is just reiterating what the interview is about. I think you’re placing blame where it’s not deserved. If he hadn’t posted the interview, people would be complaining that he didn’t report on it.

      • Rich

        Yes but the title of the story suggests lawler is suffering from depression. When he isn’t. It’s as simple as that. I don’t think Richard is making it up, I just think it’s rather naive to put that as a heading, and if it’s not naivety then it’s sensationalism.

  • Chris

    He shouldn’t have been wrestling in the first place! Nobody wants to see a washed up old fart wrestle! Nobody!!!

    • Michael

      Hold up I never called him washed up, fact of the matter Jerry can still out wrestle most of the current wrestlers. In fact had it not been for the heart attack I wouldn’t mind seeing Jerry over wrestlers like Hornswaggle and Khali. Respect the legends Jerry is still in good shape better shape then other legends that have came back.

      • “can out wrestle most of the current wrestlers”
        ” I wouldn’t mind seeing Jerry over wrestlers like Hornswaggle and Khali”
        Sounds to me like you are a little bit confused? Swaggle and Khali victories wouldnt hold much water in a wrestlers CV would it?

        • Michael

          Not confused at all Jerry has forgotten more about wrestling then most of these guys have learned. I was stating that had it not been for heart attack that Jerry could still wrestle better then half the current roster. He put on a few good matches when Miz was champion, he and Punk had some good moments. I was saying that guys swaggle DVD khali shouldn’t even have a job as they can’t wrestle better then anybody. Jerry is a great wrestler he can hang with Punk, Daniel, and anybody else you put him in the ring with however I wouldn’t want to see him wrestle again if it means his health is at risk.

  • “Depression”

  • JL

    Lawler is a wrestling legend down in Memphis. One of the greats too ever do it. Not sure if a lot of new wrestling fans are familiar with his stuff down in Memphis but if not you guys should go on youtube and check it out too really appreciate how great he really was in the ring. Check out his feuds with Andy Kaufman, Kerry Von Erich, Randy Savage, Nick Bockwinkel & Bill Dundee. Lawler is easily a top 20-25 wrestler of all time.

    • Just saying

      And you are easily top 5-10 worst spellers of all time!!
      Good Day.

      • Guest

        We need to clean up all the back and forth here. Let’s make sure we use this forum to discuss wrestling and be respectful of each other’s opinions.

        • Just Saying

          You need to mind your business ..

  • bigelowsidemoonsault

    i agree with rich ( not rich grey)…real depression is an illness, jerry is just a bit down about not being able to wrestle..theres a difference