Jerry Lawler Update: "Awake, Alert, & Responsive"

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TMZ spoke with Kevin Lawler, Jerry Lawler's son, and posted a new report this afternoon regarding Jerry's condition. An excerpt is below:

TMZ spoke with Kevin Lawler ... who tells us, "[Jerry] is hooked up to tubes and is still not able to speak … but he's writing stuff on a notepad to talk to people."

"Not just brief notes, but detailed stories which show he knows where he is and what is going on.”

Click here to read the full article.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Matt

    Excellent news!!

  • Oldnews

    This story is old now move on. It’s getting worse then the saints bounty. We as wwe fans get bored of things fast remember.

    • Joe O.

      To quote Y2J, “Would you please shut the hell up?!” you don’t know what you’re talking about. You must be one of those ignorant IWC fans who can’t be satisfied by anything the WWE does. A person’s health, especially someone’s of stature in the WWE such as Jerry Lawler, is not old news. This is a serious matter, not a storyline that you can just say “Ok, as a fan I wanna know what else you got for me?” I am very glad that such readers like Logan Walker keeps up on things like this, and WNW makes sure the fans, that are still concerned about him, know he’s doing ok.

      • Logan_Walker

        Thanks Joe. I Haven't Watched RAW yet and i keep meaning to…. i just hope that Jerry Will Pull Through This

    • The Dude

      Old news? I’m sorry, but Jerry being awake, alert and responsive is NEW and GREAT news!

    • Fetcher

      Last I checked, the Saints bounty was on its upteenth month of discussion and here we are on day 3 of keeping fans in the loop about the LIFE of a wrestling legend? I don't know what kind of WWE fan you are, but it is nice to hear updates on how Lawler is doing.

    • Y2Jay

      ok i gotta blow some steam here… REALLY!! this is not old news as it is great news regaring a mans LIFE if u think this is old news then u should be in his shoes and you should see all the crap this poor guy is going thru then tell me if u would like it to be called or considered old news

    • billy

      it is getting old. get well lawler but maby he should retire now and rest at home. so i dnt have to here him fake laughing at cenas gay pg jokes

    • jamiewelton

      You my friend can only be described as an idiot…Old news, just don’t read the updates if you don’t care, your the only one though!

    • Jennie Smith

      You're old too ,some of us really care about Jerry and want to know just how he is doing if you don't like it go on leave this page and don't read I'm sure Jerry appreciates all our concern.

  • Frankii

    Get well soon Jerry! Glad he’s responsive!

  • Nick

    Hope he regains the ability to speak soon. Cole can't do commentary all by himself (unless they bring Miz back to fill in for a while).

  • Jman72485

    That God Jerry’s getting better. Wish him and his family the best

  • kls64

    I am disgusted by the remarks that news about Jerry Lawler’s condition is old news. This only confirms what I have been saying for a long time. Those of us who know the impact Jerry Lawler has had on wrestling and the fact that the wrestlers such as CM Punk and more learned what they know from the great ones such as Lawler. I hope that Jerry makes a full recovery. I have to say that I thought he looked bad Monday evening before he wrestled. To others who are going to post disrespectful comments, go somewhere else!

  • David

    Good news Jerry and keep improving. There a whole lot of us want these updates and are concerned for you and you family. Much love to you and your family.

  • Fee3567

    Thrilled to hear Jerry’s alert and responsive :), and to the sad minority who think its old news go do one !!!

  • HHH

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jerry!!

  • pmevans

    Unfortunately, I missed the live coverage of this past Monday's Raw. Upon seeing the events that unfolded during the Kane/Bryan contender's match. On replay, Jerry Lawler is a very fortunate man. Many fans thought this was Creative's plan to revive the sagging ratings since Raw 1000. If you looked very closely at the video, you will see Jerry sagging over then disappearing from camera view. The minute that happened, 1st responders were at his side. Throughout Cole's updates and their history together, one could plainly see true concern over his broadcast partner. Jerry, 62, wrestles 110 times a year. As a member of the near-heart-attack club, it is not old news when someone of Jerry's stature receives the gift of life back. He has a long road to travel back to full health but he has overcome many obstacles in putting his own brand in making wrestling what it is today.