Jerry Lawler Update - Walking Around Hospital Room, Memory Expected To Improve

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WMC TV in Memphis, Tennessee has provided another update on the condition of Jerry Lawler. An excerpt from the report is below:

Lauryn McBride, Lawler's girlfriend, updated Action News 5 on the wrestler's progress Thursday morning. She said she was able to get him to eat some oatmeal and eggs and he even walked around his hospital room.

"(and fixed his hair---for everyone knows how he is about his hair---lol.) They are now taking lines out and he is looking so good today!!!" McBride said in a text message to Action News 5's Joe Birch. "We will go for a walk in just a bit and s=do (sic) some more breathingexercises (sic). Will update as the day goes on."

Earlier, McBride said Lawler was having some trouble with his memory, but doctors believe that could improve once his sedatives wear off.

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In addition, a video report has been released, and is embedded below:

Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Very good news to hear about lawler. I hope in time he is able to return as commentator, but if he isnt I would like to see mat striker or even JBL join Michael cole as a fellow announcer on RW.

    • Lee

      We will find out in a couple of months

  • Mike L

    YES! YES! YES!

  • PFElton

    You can do it, Jerry!

  • Makhanu

    You can Jerry

  • Kevin

    Good to hear he's doing fine, but I have to agree with the guy in the news footage: Jerry needs to stop wrestling. Just as Edge had to quit due to concussion issues, Jerry should call it a day due to heart issues. It would have been nice to see him wear the WWE Championship belt at least once, even if just for a few seconds, but now that he's had this heart attack, he should really just stick to announcing.