Jerry Lawler's Ex-Wife Says He Had Surgery

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Thanks LeftyTosser for sending this information in:

Username LeftyTosser commented on our earlier post that Stacy Carter, aka Kat, said that Jerry Lawler already went into surgery. He had stents placed in his heart. He underwent an angioplasty where a balloon was placed to widen arteries that lead to the heart so they won't be blocked.

Stacy Carter's official Twitter

  • Nobama

    RAW was in Canada last night right? Free health-care!

    • Philip

      Only free to canadians

      • Brandon

        I believe they also cover those legally visiting the country.

  • Msuth

    Miss Kitty still got it!

  • Ray

    Way to go Ziggler 4 almost killing King.

    • n1ck

      that’s just an idiotic thing to say

    • hurrigame

      @Ray: You sir, are an idiot. Truly classless comment.

    • XKonn247

      You disgusting animal, Ray.

  • Ray

    Since your all unfamiliar with sarcasm I’ll withdraw my previous comment. And the comment was made after reading he’s in stable condition.

    • Jester

      So what if he’s in stable condition. You’re still an idiot to joke or make a sarcastic remark. We are talking about a man’s life.

    • Matt Scott

      Very clever joke (sarcasm)

    • The arbiter

      Sarcasm only works when you can hear the tone of it. Without tone (in plain text) it just sounds like insensitive idiocy in this case.

  • Nobama

    I support you ray. I found some humor in that.

    • Ray

      If king’s ok I bet anything they’ll
      Make a story line out of it. Like theyll blaim cm punk or ziggler

    • XKonn247

      Then you’re sick too, Nobama.