Jerry Lawler's Stiff Comment About Bruce Prichard At Wrestlemania 28

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For those that missed it on last night's Wrestlemania XXVIII pay-per-view broadcast, Jerry Lawler, when commenting on the white suit of John Laurinaitis, said, "That suit is so ugly, it would give Brother Love a heart attack."

Brother Love of course is TNA executive Bruce Prichard who suffered two heart attacks a couple weeks ago. As I reported here on, Prichard is not at tonight's Impact Wrestling taping.

  • Danno

    He makes controversial comments all the time. I'm sure it wasn't made with any malice.

  • DoJo

    Ouch……. I doubt it was a dig though (don’t remember hearing about any beef between them) – most probably a thoughtless moment by the king in obvious regard to the similarities between johnnys suit & the one worn by brother love aka prichard …………

  • WNW Fan

    I told my wife last night that Johnny looked just like Brother Love. Love looked better in white though. LOL. Hope Bruce is doing well.

  • Aldin94

    Wow thats messed up.

  • Whammaster

    Yes and im sure the Kernal from Kentucky Fried Chicken is currently on a radio show taking jabs at Jerry for his comment at the suit as well.

  • ZackPck

    There was no malice involved. Honestly, it was a thoughtless comment, but not newsworthy.

  • Bryan

    I actually liked the suit. haha

  • Roy!!!

    Just because something is said to be a joke…Doesn't make it okay people…We're all adults, let's not pretend its okay to whatever comes to mind…After all, sometimes people hide behind the guise of, "It was just a joke."I don't are about his intent as much as I care about the reaction of Pritchard and the members of his family…It was tasteless…Lets not give people a pass for stupidity just because they have a reputation for it!!! And lets not give people a pass for tasteless comments just because we like the way they entertain us.

  • Logan_Walker

    Vince most likley told him to say that… im not suprised that Cole Never said that

  • Anon

    no malice…brother love looked like he was right before a heart-attack all the time back then…

  • Levi Aldebol

    I'm sure Lawler wasn't even thinking about Bruce Pritchard's heart attacks when he made that comment; he was just comparing Big John's suit to that of Brother Love (who was played by Pritchard). I'm sick to death of people trying to be politically correct all the time. If in fact there was malice behind it, it was probably meant by Vince McMahon, not Jerry Lawler.

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  • Irish Noel

    I think this has been blown out of all proportion. I seriously doubt Lawler was even thinking about Pritchard's heart attacks when he said it. He was obviously just referring to Brother Love's white suit and red face. Lawler will probably only realize now what he has said and I bet he is embarrassed. It was merely a thoughtless throw away remark with no malice intended.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Whoops! My bad sez King. Coincidence or just bad timing? Either way, Get well BP and yeah John Laryngitis (ugh that voice. Sucretts please) does like Brother Love with that suit. (I LOOOOOOOVVVEE YOUUUUUU!!)

  • Kevin

    We have to keep in mind that, although the King is quite witty and does come up with some good zingers on his own, a lot of what is said at the announce table is written for them. Mick Foley, when he went to TNA, stated that one reason he left WWE was because he was tired of Vince yelling into his ear, "Say it! Say it DAMNIT!" If the boss says to say or do something, you say or do it, or you find another job. The King's comment may have been one written for him, so he had no choice but to utter the words, like it or not.

  • mathew