Jerry Smaller Apologizes For Extreme Rules Pre-Show Photo

Short Sleeve Sampson has issued a public apology over a photo he posted on Facebook. Sampson was one of the midgets called in to work the Extreme Rules Kickoff and portrayed Jerry Smaller.

The photo in question showed John Cena and The Wyatt Family sitting in the empty Izod Center before the event started. JBL was also shown with his feet up at the announce position.

Below is the apology from Facebook:

Below is the photo:



  • Splat

    I’m not saying he should have posted it but I don’t think it’s a big deal either.

  • Lance UpperCutt

    Nothing Total divas haven’t shown

  • Draven

    He might not have known they were in it. It wasnt like he was taking a pic of just them talking.

  • KrisXX

    So much more to worry about in wrestling than this!! WHO CARES!

  • Avalanchian

    OMG he just ruined wrestling forever to me. Cena and Wyatts talking to each like they are friends or something. Wrestling is just so fake now to me. /end sarcasm

    • Michael Rubin

      first of all i know for a fact that certain babyfaces and heels really odnt or didnt like each other as far as cena and wyatts who cares?

  • Winnipeg

    I feel like my whole life’s been a lie.

  • Goobnut


    • Jack ‘Tristeza’ Hughes

      Beat me to it.