Jesse Neal Addresses His Future

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Jesse Neal addressed he is finished with TNA Impact Wrestling Thursday on Twitter. Below are his Tweets:

Neal has already moved on, working last night's I Believe In Wrestling show in Orlando, Florida. I had been told by one of Jesse's friends that if he could not get on with WWE he would consider retiring from the business, however, he obviously doesn't appear to be going in that direction right now.

He officially finished up with TNA Impact Wrestling at last Monday's television tapings.

Thanks to Wrestling News World wrtier Rick Craig for sending the Tweets.

  • Ruck

    It would be huge if he could get with WWE. Hopefully the so called respect that WWE has for the troops will help Neal get there.

    • gbdb

      I wish him luck in his future endeavors

  • Brandon Ceielo

    I hope wherever he goes makes him happy. All service men deserve it.

  • Dani

    At the I believe in wrestling show on Saturday, Jesse told everyone to look for him in 2012 on raw or smackdown.

  • something like money in the bank,in some end of tag team title match in ppv inc ink are back from nowhere and beat the hell of crimson and morgan & take the belts+heel turn and someone like jimmy jacobs or raven as a manager.

    woo could be hallirous…

  • Jesse neal is nothing but an Ignorant a** hole bc wat I’m about to tell u is the truth… I’m 14 and hes 32 so I’m going out with his “niece” then he sends me threats about if I break up with her. A couple weeks l8r she broke up with me so I tell him how she broke up with me… My dad tells him not to talk to me (it was over Facebook) then he goes all crazy cussing and wat not at my dad and threatens to come beat us up…then a couple days ago he told my ex that I’m starting rumors at my school that I broke up with her now shes super pi**** at me and won’t talk to me bc she believes him