Jesse Sorensen Now Working In The TNA Office, In-Ring Career Over?

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Jesse Sorensen, who suffered a broken neck in a match against Zema Ion at TNA Against All Odds 2012, is now working as a marketing/promotional assistant with TNA Wrestling. This seems to indicate his professional wrestling career is effectively over.

On Sorensen's Twitter page, located @TNASorensen, he lists himself as a "former TNA X-Division wrestler."

  • The Breaker

    Such a sad story. It’s baffling that TNA has continued letting Ion work at the same level even though he’s shown very little improvement since that tragic botch. I think it speaks volumes about the total lack of competence that exists in TNA management.

  • soulfool

    Yeah…But When was the last time You saw Ion ?!? Exactly !!! TNA uses him as much as they do Madison Rayne nowadays !!! WTF is up w/ all You WWE marks ?!? WWE is the main “Sports Entertainment” promotion in the industry , but they have had (and if You are a REAL wrestling fan will remember) alot of issues in the past that hindered their moving forward in a positive light !!!

  • soulfool

    Such Marks of WWE !!!