Jesse Sorensen Reveals Beef With Zema Ion After Neck Injury

Former TNA X-Division worker Jesse Sorensen was on "Busted Open" last week with Dave Lagreca and Doug Mortman. In the interview, Sorensen revealed beef with Zema Ion that arose after Sorensen's career-ending injury.

Remember it was Zema who was working Sorensen when his knee caught the back of Jesse's neck at TNA Against All Odds 2012. Sorensen suffered a C1 vertebrae fracture with spinal cord edema. He briefly lost all movement in his arms and legs. The following quotes are Jesse speaking in the interview:

"Well it was really weird because him and I were really good friends before the incident. We had actually roomed together a lot and after the incident I didn't hear from him really at all for probably 6 months. Didn't hear a word and it was really weird because me and the guy were pretty decent friends and we both came in to TNA about the same time and he was one person, of course, I expected to hear from and never got a call or a text or anything. I think he might have come by the hospital one time but never really heard from him at all.

"It was weird because I did the X Division PPV in June or July and that was the first time I had even seen him since it happened. He came up, shook my hand like nothing had ever really happened and I remember for a while I was wondering should I reach out to this guy because I was hearing from people in the business that I didn't even know, guys that aren't even in this company, maybe I should just wait on him. It was just weird because we were friends and I was getting calls and texts from all sorts of people, I made so many friends in this business because of my injury, but I at least expected a 'hey bro, how you doing? If you need anything let me know.' Just something. And I remember I was so heated at him for a long time and then when I went to do the X Division PPV he shook my hand and I was just like, whatever, I'll let it go. And we didn't really talk that day and then I think it was a week later he wound up working with my friend Dakota Darsow and had a long talk with Dakota about how he was worried about everything and I guess it was just one of those deals where he didn't really know what to say to me. So then at that point we got on the phone and talked about it. I told him, 'I wasn't mad at you at all, it's wrestling, it could happen to anybody.' I said, 'I just wanted to feel like you cared,' and obviously he did care a lot. He was like, 'man, I just thought you instantly hated me, I could of killed you,' and all this stuff. Then we completely squashed everything and it was just a total big misunderstanding. He really did care but he didn't know how to reach out and I didn't know how to reach out. But as of now, we're great. We're still boys."

I actually spoke with several X-Division workers just days after the injury. All of them expressed sorrow that it happened but maintained both were very green. The blame wasn't placed on either but the feeling was they were trying to do things they shouldn't have been doing. However, one thing that was brought up again and again is that everyone understands the risks they take when they come through the curtain.

  • Patrick

    glad to see they finally got together. Ion should have called Jesse earlyer to see how he was doing but good to see they manged to work out their problems and what had happened….

    • Matt

      Im not intentionally being a hater but are all your comments poorly spelled and just the article we all just read reworded? It’s like you don’t have an original thought but you feel the need to comment on everything posted here. Again, sorry.

      • Gary J. Maxion

        Says the person commenting on a random post having nothing to do with you. Original or not, Patrick was expressing his thoughts. Now, I’m not being a hater, but are you seriously going to talk about someone’s spelling when your sentence structure and punctuation abilities are that of a 9 year-old?
        Your words EXACTLY: “Im not intentionally being a hater but are all your comments poorly spelled and just the article we all just read reworded?”
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        The latter part of that makes no sense structurally.
        “. . .and just the article we all just read reworded?”
        Correction: “Also, this looks like the original article, but reworded.”
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  • Gary J. Maxion

    It’s never good when a wrestler gets hurt, it sucks when a wrestler gets injured (there’s a huge difference,) and it’s completely heartbreaking to see injuries as bad as Jesse’s was. Talking to him before and after, he changed a lot. He matured a lot, but on the bad side of that coin, he isn’t the same wrestler he was. Understanding how much pressure being the guy that accidentally injured someone is vital to understanding the story. It was tragic and it’s in many ways, victorious, but I’m glad Jesse understood that Zema is a young guy and outside of the ring, he’s humble as hell. He felt horrible and I know he did because I was where he was at that time and it’s no easy thing to say “I’m sorry for maybe killing your dream.” Kudos go to both.