Jesse Sorensen Says Dixie Carter Made False Promises About His Future With TNA

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Recently released talent Jesse Sorensen is currently running an GoFundMe campaign to support his planned appearance at the Hurricane Bay bodybuilding show in Tampa, Florida. Below is the blurb from the campaign page:

My name is Jessy Sorensen(Jesse Sorensen) I am a former professional wrestler for TNA Impact Wrestling seen every thursday night on SpikeTV. On Feb.12th 2012 during a live match on pay per view vs Zema Ion I suffered a sever neck injury sustaining a broke C-1 vertebrae & herniated C-5 & C-6. After a long recovery process & being promised by the President of TNA Impact Wrestling TNA Dixie Carter I would always have a job with her company, I recently was released from my current contract & shown that those promises were false. During my time away from the ring I decided to pursue bodybuilding & have been prepping for the Hurricane Bay bodybuilding show in Tampa, FL on Oct.5th,2013 but now due to my recent released I will have to drop out of my show. A friend of mine told me about this site and if anyone would like to help and contribute I would be so grateful and appreciate any donations. Thanks and hopefully I can find something I love just as much as I did Wrestling.

Click here to view the campaign page.

  • jdl

    Unless provided in sign, written fashion, Dixie did not promise Sorensen a thing. Was it crappy of her to do it? Yes. But business is business.

    • Nostaljack

      Really crappy when she continues to stand by Jeff Hardy. I have no problem with her standing by Hardy but if he deserves that kind of loyalty, Sorenson did too. Nice, Dixie…very nice.

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      No, Dixie did promise Sorensen a secure job with TNA while he was rehabbing. Now for once, I am hoping or someone with really big bucks take over the ownership from Dixie or any other Carters and please make TNA into something interesting. Make TNA a real alternative to WWE not another minor league, less watched “WWE”…

      • jdl

        This is business and Sorensen was being paid a wrestler’s salary to do the work of a production assistant. That’s a ridiculous amount of money to be the guy who gets people coffee, helps get things ready to go and so on. It would be like a secretary being paid the same wage as his or her boss. Is Dixie a douche bag for just bailing on him like that? Most definitely. She stood by Kurt Angle when he was running his mouth in the media, getting drunk and high and then making an idiot of himself in public and generally just being an embarrassment. She stands by Jeff Hardy during his drug issues and his continued arrogant and generally strange behavior. What she should have done is have legal negotiate with Sorensen to dissolve his contract and then give him an actual job in production. She didn’t, and that makes her a scum bag, but in business a promise is not a promise unless you sign something.

    • steve pritchard

      Business and Dixie cater in the same paragraph is comical. She has absolutely no clue what that word means. As far as Jesse goes. He needs to get a job and sponsors to fund his own body building career! Lol

  • JJ

    Dixie’s moral compass has always seemed way off, no matter how much she ATTEMPTS to portray a southern belle attitude. I feel bad for Sorensen he was a great athlete who I had high hopes for. If he had gotten a try out with wwe and this had happen; they wouldn’t just throw the sinking ship they would have been truly supportive, and if they would have had to drop him, they would have at least kept paying some severance since this guys life has been so drastically different since that injury. He wanted to come back with doctors guidance he didn’t; that shouldn’t be held against him when someone who is acting like family makes you a commitment after you gave everything for them. I once hoped TNA would be able to I hope just new ownership could take over and revamp the product into something successful.

    • steve pritchard

      I think this company is beyond revamping! The damage is done . They just need to cut they’re losses and move on. Let wwe pick up the contracts of those we care to see!

    • Tj

      That is BS, WWF would have drop him like a bag of rotton potatos.

      • The Arbiter

        You mean like how they dropped Evan Bourne for not being able to perform for 18 months…… oh wait….. they didn’t do that.

  • D-Bag

    Sorensen has been cleared to wrestle for a long time. TNA just didn’t have anything for him to do, so they cut him. It’s not like he was in the freaking hospital when they cut him. From what it sounds like they were paying him to body build. The fact they were still paying him 8 months after he had been cleared was pretty generous.

  • _JIM_

    Where has his money gone? If he was still being paid wrestler money while he has been working in production for the past several months. I’d think that he should at least have enough money to get to a body building competition. Athletes get hurt and then cut all the time. He should be thanking Dixie for keeping him around for as long as she did. Especially since she was still paying him his contract rates while he was only working behind the scenes. I’m sure there’s quite a few production workers working for TNA right now that would love to be getting paid what Jesse was for doing the same work. Nobody owes this guy anything. If he wants to be a pro body builder he needs to spend his time either trying to get a sponsorship or a job to support himself just like every single other person that will be competing at that competition.

    • Chris

      He wasn’t getting Orton money. He was a bit player in the lower level of a just above Independent company at the time of his injury. His “worker pay” was probably right in line with a production worker in TNA.

      • steve pritchard

        So what if it wasn’t Orton money ! The mere fact he got paid to sit home on his arse is enough for me to tell him to get a job like everyone else. Why should we feel sorry for him . It wasn’t like he didn’t get paid at all. What a tool he is.

  • Dave Barton

    I found it ironic that when the guy who broke Sorensen’s neck (Ion) became ill, he was essentially begging for money to help pay his medical bills…which TNA openly supported. Why didn’t TNA do something like that for Sorensen?

    • GuyLandau

      Why do you assume they didn’t? They kept him on the payroll for essentially nothing to do either way. Regardless of that large sum of money, he may have also received severance independently of that paycheck.

      • Dave Barton

        Never heard a peep from TNA asking fans to raise funds for Jesse’s medical bills.

        • GuyLandau

          if TNA footed the bill why would they raise funds for it?

          • Dave Barton

            Then why not foot the bill for Ion as well?

          • David

            Jesse’s injury was work related. Ion’s is not. Big difference.

          • GuyLandau

            Ion’s injury didn’t happen at work or because of his association with TNA in any way. I’m not sure I’m right but people are so sure TNA is in the wrong here from an ethical standpoint which I am not sure of at all.

    • steve pritchard

      This whole thing is a joke! Tna is about to become the next wcw and disappear into into the black hole.

  • dunlap84

    Was it the classy move…No. Have we all been talking about or making light of TNA’s recent financial woes…. Yes. It just makes sense to cut ties with those people on the payroll who are “dead weight”. If they continued to pay him after he was injured and I’m sure they helped with medical bills, then I personally look at that as severance pay. Lets be honest if a common working man or woman suffered the same injury we would be promised nothing and dismissed from our job with no remorse or fan fair whatsoever. It happens everyday to men and women’s careers are far more important to our economy and the well being of our country, then being a professional wrestler. I do believe it was wrong of her to promise him a job forever, if she had no intention of keeping her promise. Mr. Sorensen should feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to compete for the amount of time he did a dream so many have, but never get to see come to pass, as well as being a god gifted athlete, which undoubtedly aided in his recovery process. He should be very thankful for his health and in due time career opportunities will present themselves, whether that be professional wrestling, bodybuilding or something else.

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      Wrestlers are not common working men and women. They are independent contractors. As such, they are self-employed, and are hired to perform for TNA, WWE, or whichever company hires them. Medical benefits, life insurance, and other such accoutrements that normally are offered by an employer are the responsibility of each independent contractor. Unlike in professional sports such as football or baseball, where a team drafts a player and offers that player benefits, including a paycheck upon injury or a severance if injury causes the player to retire early, professional wrestling has no such allowances. The performers know this going in; therefore, each one should make his or her own preparations for these possible outcomes.

      • dunlap84

        If you read my comment I never said they were common men and women, they are over paid athletes who should set enough back to pay for their own medical bills, not ask fans who already pay ridiculous prices for tickets to watch their shows and for merchandise. Sorry it happened but it’s called life failing to plan is planning to fail, as an independent contractor Mr. Sorensen needs to learn to save some money or hire someone to manage his money

  • steve pritchard

    Dixie carter couldn’t run her finger up her rear with both hands! Let along run a pro wrestling organization . I don’t know why you guys expect us to down play the troubles in tna when the evidence says otherwise. This company is a sinking ship and I think they may have done Jesse a favor by throwing him over board! If he wants to pursue a career in body building , then he needs to fund it with his own money like everyone else . This company is a joke . I think it’s beyond repair and just needs to just cut its losses and sell to vkm or someone who knows what they’re doing. If you want to feel sorry for someone . It needs to be the great talent that’s stuck on board this sinking ship week in and week out and not this mooch!

  • Stoney

    Dixie doesn’t know her ass from a whole in the ground