Controverisal TNA Release, Using The Bellas At SummerSlam, Making The Shield Look Weak, Sandow's Future

How do you feel about the release of Jesse Sorensen? If he hadn't been injured, would he have been top star for TNA?

Jesse Sorensen had a lot of talent but I had not seen enough to say he would (or wouldn't) be a top star. He suffered a horrible injury at TNA Against All Odds 2012, putting an immediate halt to his in-ring career. I had the opportunity to interview several TNA workers just weeks after it happened (backstage at a TNA live event) and they all told me the same thing. Everyone knows the risk when they step through the curtain. Yes, they felt horrible and yes it was unfortunate but they all understood the risk when they went through the curtain. I don't know what all "promises" were made or what TNA did (or didn't do) but I think the fact Dixie Carter found another job for Jesse and employed him 17 months after the injury is very respectable. People are absolutely destroying TNA and Dixie for cutting Sorensen loose and I'm not sure that's fair. Again, I don't know what all was said and done behind-the-scenes but this is a business and TNA did employee him for nearly a year and a half after injury.

Do you expect The Bella Twins and the real-life relationships of Brie and Daniel Bryan and Nikki and John Cena to play a part in the WWE title match at SummerSlam?

I fully expect WWE to tie-in the personal lives of The Bella Twins, Daniel Bryan and John Cena into the WWE title match at SummerSlam. The world is about to learn about their relationships in "Total Divas" and the best way for WWE to get the most out of the show is to tie-in the storylines with the pay-per-view next month. This ultimately ended up being the determining factor in going ahead with Bryan vs. Cena at SummerSlam. It's not that Bryan is "only getting pushed because of a reality show," as some have suggested. The feeling was Bryan's push was coming but SummerSlam became great timing because of "Total Divas." If WWE did not tie in the respective relationships to the match, they would be missing a huge opportunity.

Do you think the writers of Raw don't realize that their audience consists of intelligent people. How does The Shield come in and have no problems with Randy Orton, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan, but then they run into a stumbling block of The Usos and Mark Henry?

This is what happens when you "book backwards." WWE wanted to establish The Shield as a top level faction right away and they did so, not only booking them in the top of the card against main eventers but putting them over in the top of the card against main eventers. Now, as all things do, that has ended and WWE has to continue the momentum. The problem is there is nowhere to go but down after such prominent booking. The problem stems from how they were booked before and not how they are being booked now.

What are your thoughts on the booking of Damien Sandow?

Vince McMahon in particular is high up on the work of Damien Sandow and the fact he went over in the Money in the Bank ladder match tells me the company sees him as a World Heavyweight Champion in the course of the next year. They will be programming him with Cody Rhodes for now but it's seen as a way to elevate both. Sandow's time is coming.
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  • Scottyo614

    Richard I get the booking backward theme for the shield, but it also has to be a credit to the bad booking of tag teams forever. The Usos could be more credible, but being a feeding tool to certain tag teams and Saturday Morning Slam attraction did not help grow them as challengers.

    With the WWE model of booking people over its regular talents on pushes, it’s hard to take some of these guys seriously when they do get pushed.

  • Dave Barton

    I can’t imagine WWE going ahead with the Bellas & Cena/Bryan in SummerSlam. They’re portrayed as evil twin sisters who think/act alike. How would Cena look to the fans if one of those evil sisters has been dating his character (not the real-life person) all this time?

    • Justin Lal

      That’s what I’m wondering as well. Plus, WWE might be assuming a good portion of the audience will watch Total Divas, thus they will understand the storyline/reality usage. The best thing WWE can do is have a MizTV segment the first live show in two weeks: Miz can bring out the four of them and let it be known that there are real life relationships between Brie/Bryan and Nikki/Cena. Miz could easily make things testy between the four which will only enhance the fued and the reality show.

      • steve pritchard

        I agree but I don’t see how it can ad intrigue unless someone’s turning heel. If you read the spoilers for next weeks raw . A heel turn is almost a given . I’m not going to spoil it for you. But you know who’s probably turning heel! But yeah I agree all the way . They’re trying to push the show and the match . Obviously

    • Robert Olley

      Its been all over the internet for months about the 2 couples so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Jimmy

      Agreed, i don’t think they’re real relationship will make into WWE’s kayfabe world.

    • monty

      i think wwe just wants to push their TV divas show and to gain audience who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in wrestling

  • Justin Lal

    Here’s the deal with The Shield: they are like hot prospects in baseball that got called up and dominanted early. But what usually happens with prospects? The book gets out on them, they start to struggle, and holes develope in their game. That’s what happened with The Shield. I don’t think fans are having their intelligence insulted with their booking. Itsy natural for rookies to start out strong then drop down to reality. The important thing is to have a plan for The Shield for the eventual breakup…. because all three guys have a chance to be fixtures in the WWE for many yearsu as Singles stars.

    • K!NG

      and out of the three i think Roman reigns has the highest ceiling….

  • BIG M

    Am I the only one who thinks Damien Sandow is too green for a World title run.
    I know the world title isn’t what it used to be but its still the no 2 title in WWE and I just don’t see him as a no 2 guy yet.
    But then again I never saw anybody as a no 2 guy in the MITB world title contact match either except maybe for Barrett who for some reason is jobbing every night since he lost the IC title.
    I think its now time to unify both the WWE and World titles if guys like Sandow are going to win it.
    Undisputed title tournament at Wrestlemania 30 sounds good 10 former champions 5 matches it would be sick tell me I’m wrong people plus Brock vs Taker for the streak and VKM vs HHH for control of WWE with Stone Cold as guest Referee and maybe RVD vs Axel for the IC belt hopefully restoring it to its former no 2 title status again tell me Im wrong people.

    • steve pritchard

      Im sure some will agree that he’s green . But I couldn’t disagree more . I think he’s more than ready. He’s got that old school heel gimmick that reminds me of the late 80 s or early 90s . Plus it’s somthing different . That belt is in need of some different talent . He’s more than deserving . A fuss between him and ziggler should make some good tv.

    • James

      Wade Barrett needs a serious push. He was great as the leader of the Nexus. He has a great look and he’s awesome on the mic. He should be in the main event scene not jobbing to Rob Van Dam in 3 minutes.

      • Jimmy

        You lost me “awesome on the mic” but in all seriousness he does deserve a push.

      • monty

        james no offense but on every comment you post this same 3 lines

        wade for now is in mid card i can see his push coming but now now

    • Nick K

      What about sandow is green? Certainly not his ring wor or mic skills. Are you sure you’re using the term correctly?

      • BIG M

        I guess Its time for an education green is a term in the wrestling world for Inexperinced doesn’t mean he can’t work or talk just means he needs more experience in the upper card that’s all yeesh.

        • BIG M

          P.S. your welcome

          • Nick K

            You didn’t answer the question you miscreant.

          • BIG M

            I did you idiot I answered your condescending quistion he can work he can talk he is green because he hasn’t spent enough time in the upper card learn how to read.

          • Nick K

            That doesn’t make him green though, he’s also way more experiencedthan you realize. Get a grip kid.

          • Jimmy

            P.S. *You’re welcome.

    • Robert Olley

      Sandows been wrestling for 12 years i wouldnt say hes green just not wrestled at the main event level yet

    • monty

      i don’t see him cashing in anytime soon, i think wwe will build him up slowly throughout the year. they have full year before he has to cash in

    • Chris

      I’ll tell you you’re wrong, because the math doesn’t even work. 10 guys, 5 matches…..doesn’t that leave you with 5 guys who won matches, rather than an undisputed champion?

  • Nick K

    I disagree about the shield I feel like you’re looking at it with a one track mind. Having them go over all those big names helps give credibility to the lower card guys they feud with which only helps elevate more talent. If they continue to feud with the tag teams of Wwe that division has its best chance of becoming relevant again.

    • monty

      i agree 100%

      wwe can not push everyone to main event, they need someone to care of mid carders

  • sdunne87

    I’m loving the guy taking a picture of the Bella’s and Bryan at the top of this article. Does he have the worlds smallest camera or is he just that big? Before you rip on me I’m 20 stone but I also own a big enough camera 🙂

  • John

    They better tie-in Bryan & Cena with “Total Divas” because that segment on RAW that they used to hype the show was horrible. I didn’t have much interest in the show to begin with, and after that segment i definitely won’t be watching.

  • Adam

    Notice how when something crappy happens it’s always dixie who gets blamed, not hogan or the rest of the TNA crew

    • TheBigKing1

      Um…where you been. All over I keep hearing people saying fire Hogan and them..but that’s mainly other sites…so maybe you could be right for this site…cause I mainly be on the others more.

  • The_Heckler

    Jesse was a great up and comer in The PW game !!! He has alot of potential , and I like The Kid and even if He is hurt , I applaud TNA’s effort to compensate him , by having him work backstage !!! Just as WWE has done w/ Vickie G , even though that had alot more baggage involved , I know that this is a business , and the simple idea of some being released from their livelihood is a hard pill to swallow !!! As TNA , and it’s management , that leaves alot to be cherished…so does WWE , w/ it’s use of people as numbers is more proof that The McMahon Machine is just that , a Machine , that is revered and made to look as something more , due to its exporuse and image !!! Let’s get back to the real world , and make wrasslin’ what it used to be

  • Jaryd

    The terrible thing is that now, I can totally see myself checking out Total Divas just to cut a look at Cena and Bryan behind the curtain