Jessie Godderz Injured, Show Draws Well, James Storm Says TNA Needs Jeff Jarrett

- Jessie Godderz suffered a knee injury at Saturday night's TNA live event in Westbury, New York. The injury happened during a suplex spot with Joseph Park as Godderz was in a tag team with Robbie E against Park and Eric Young. The severity of the injury is unknown as of press time.

- Speaking of Saturday night's show in Westbury, the show drew well in the venue. It wasn't sold out but presented a great atmosphere, according to those in attendance.

- Newsday has a new article online featuring quotes from James Storm. In it, Storm said that TNA needs Jeff Jarrett because he understands the wrestling aspect of the business. He said Jarrett is the one that built the company and needs to be there whether behind the scenes or in front of the camera. You can read the article at this link.

  • BigMike

    JJ might know a little about the business but I just got sick of him constantly booking himself over all the other talent he is no verne gagne or Fritz Von Erich and his father was the real wrestling person IMO Jeff does know a few things and should be part of TNA

    • Whammaster

      He did book himself over a lot but he also surrounded himself with talent he helped build. The only matches he made himself look like a superman was the King of the Mountain matches. Give JJ more credit then this, it was entertaining regardless when JJ was in a prominent role because you either loved him, or just hated the earth he walked on.

  • josh

    Our crowd was crazy haha