Jey Uso Speaks On Winning WWE Gold, Ryback On Regressing To Midcard

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Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald has a new article online to promote Extreme Rules on Sunday featuring quotes from Jey Uso and Ryback. Below are the highlights;

Jey Uso on wining the WWE Tag Team Championship:

“It meant a whole lot,” Jey said. “They finally put us on a pedestal with my whole family. There is this Samoan lineage and being champion. It was March 3 we won. If you watch the footage back, it was a moment for us. We know how much it meant to the family. We knew they were watching.”

Ryback on regressing to the midcard:

“I came in 2012 and burst on the scene,” Ryback said. “I believe I was the most popular thing. Before the ‘Yes Movement’, there was the ‘Feed Me More’ movement. I took the WWE by storm. I was undefeated for some time, sometimes taking on two guys at one time. I jumped in the main event scene very quickly and stayed very popular with the WWE Universe for a long time. We made the switch and went an opposite way and took it all away. Not that I necessarily agreed with it at the time, but I feel it was a good move.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Mysterion

    The thing with Ryback is he honestly believes his own hype. He’s improved, no doubt, and he was over pretty good but by no means most popular.

  • Rybotch is totally delusional. He absolutely *was not* the most popular thing. In fact, he wasn’t really over at all. The loudest chants were “Goldberg.” His “popularity” was not even on the same continent as the “Yes!” movement. The only reason he feels that going back to the mid-card was a good idea is because there was absolutely no choice. Either go back or go away. Those were his two options.

  • Splat

    At no point whatsoever was Ryback the most popular thing going…

  • Scott Davies

    Ryback was over. Despite weather he was green or not. WWE was on to something with the feed me more chants. Richard may hate him, but even on commentary he was entertaining last week. Ryback may be full of ego, but wrestling is full of ego’s. Triple H & CM Punk. All ego.

  • kingdook24

    Who’s Ryback?