Jillian Hall Arrested On Charges Of Domestic Violence

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Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall was arrested last month on charges of battery (domestic violence). You can view her mug shot below:

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  • Bigbdawg2003

    She looks like she’s the one that got beat up now I no why diva matchs are so short they don’t want to sweat they’re makeup off and let us see what they really look like

  • steve2


  • Dave Barton

    No mole?

  • Dangerous Lee


  • Marc


  • Patrick_Peralta

    dam what a difference no make up makes..

  • purpleandgold

    Thats disturbing….

  • AJG316

    Am I the only one wondering why this info is just coming to us now if she was arrested LAST MONTH

  • BigMike

    Domestic Violence? what did she sing to the other person? that would be grounds for arrest

  • Jaryd

    It annoys me knowing that if this was a guy being arrested for domestic violence you'd just be angry and not making jokes.

    • Dave Barton

      We've seen guys mugshots on here for DV before, but simply being arrested doesn't make it true. Anytime its a celebrity of some kind (actor, athlete, whatever), I wonder if its actually true or if someone is just looking for a payday.

  • Jim


  • rogstab

    Courtney, get over it… Kurt is gone.

  • Howard Stern

    Darn she's smokin! It sucks all the Divas get even hotter once they leave WWE.

  • Herman Tank

    Hmm…life after wrestling. Crime or death…I guess the second option isn't really life after wrestling but these two things seem to happen to wrestlers once they're done.

  • she looks like a crack-head

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Whatever happened, hope the hubby got worse. Looks like she won, we hope. B—–d.