Jillian Hall vs. Heath Slater, Hornswoggle A Heel?, Surpise Appearances On 1000th Raw, Divas & Wellness Testing

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How about bringing Jillian Hall back to beat Heath Slater?

With Jillian Hall saying she's annoyed by Heath Slater's "ripoff," the stage is set. The "battle of the horrible gimmicks," perhaps at SummerSlam? This is a funny question but I wasn't a fan of Jillian's "singer" gimmick and am not a fan of Slater's gimmick. The good news for Heath is he is he is getting on television, the bad news is he's being booked in a gimmick that could be damaging to his future in the business.

Now that Hornswoggle has been revealed to be the Anonymous Raw General Manager does that technically make him a heel or will they just ignore it?

I do not see a follow-up to Hornswoggle being revealed as the Anonymous Raw General Manager as the company lightly brushed over it for a brief comedy segment on this week's Raw Supershow. If you're expecting a big push for Hornswoggle on WWE television, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. WWE officials like him for his appeal to their younger audience with comedy relief but nothing more.

Are there any surprise appearances scheduled for the 1000th episode of Raw on July 23, 2012?

We've received tons of questions from readers asking about everyone from The Undertaker to Goldberg but as of this writing I am unable to confirm anyone that has not already been officially announced and advertised for the 1000th episode of Raw. Do I expect a surprise or two? It's possible but the show is loaded with The Rock, D-Generation X, Brock Lesnar, Bret Hart and Mick Foley all confirmed to appear.

Why is it that we never hear about the Divas failing a Wellness Test? Are they tested, and if so, do they go through as much as the male WWE Superstars go through, when being tested?

All talent under performer's contracts, including referees, are subject to WWE Wellness Testing. Since the company began announcing violations on November 1, 2007, a Diva has never posted a violation. The females are monitored during testing as the males, however, given the way Rey Mysterio's latest failure was handled, I have serious questions regarding the validity of the policy. You can stay updated with all suspensions here on our WWE Suspensions page.

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  • Ira Valfer

    How long before someone finds archive footage of Hornswoggle on camera the same time Cole reads a message from the ANONYMOUS GM?

    • Paul

      I laughed when I read “if your looking for a big push for hornswoggle, you’ll be disappointed” that suggests anyone wants to see him on television…

  • JJ

    The only way I see them going forward with Hornswoggle as the Anonymous Raw General Manager is he being shown backstage stealing the laptop from the real Anonymous GM, Mike Adamle, that way they can play off as the worst Raw GM trying to extend his tenure.

    • The Breaker

      I actually kinda wanted to see Adamle revealed as the Anonymous RAW GM, sitting in some storage closet backstage with a laptop…..but the episode still would've been crap.

      • Randy

        I wanted to see Mean Gean to be the anonymous GM

  • George Takei

    I like Slater's gimmick, including past stars destroying him, wayyyyy more than Jilian's. She was just annoying followed by a crappy Diva's match.

    • Richard Gray

      How do they book it forward though? It's not like he's going to "learn to sing" and "learn to wrestle." Even in victory, he's still putting people over.

      • Etbluffer

        Yeah, nothing more than a tall Hornswoggle!

    • Ken

      THE George Takei? Mr Gray, you have a new name to add to the list.

  • chrisjacks

    If anyone wanted a big push for Hornswoggle they need to reevaluate their life lol

    • Ken

      A big push might hurt him. A small shove, maybe. Perhaps a forceful nudge.

  • Liam

    I don’t really see a lot from Heath Slater, but if Dolph Ziggler was able to get away from his past gimmicks then anyone can

    • BigMike

      yeah IDK which was worse Kerwin WHite's (( CHavo Guerrerro's caddy Nick..or Nicky of the Spirit Squad ….I was curious about the rest of them I know Kenny was still around for awhile but he is in the Indy's now and Johnny jeter was in OVW as a face and Mikey Mike Mondo is in ROH

  • Flame.L-DW.Leader

    omg D-Generation X is going to show up i bet when shawn michaels and triple h come in the ring brock is going to come out and ruin there segment

    • H.M.

      Imagine if he assaulted and took out both of them. Imagine how much buildup that would generate for that feud.

  • Chuck

    Wwe creative is so predictable. Brock will attack hbk!!

  • RobUK

    HBK won’t wrestle, they’ll be a moment between Austin(if he’s there) and Punk after all the Internet talk. Taker will show up (how could he not for this raw – I know he doesn’t like to get up till a month before maina but come on its raws 1000 episode!)
    Rock will say/do something about wanting to be WWE champ again. Slater will get beaten by the hitman or foley. And like most of the year dont expect to see the WWE champion to the show.

    • Philip Thompson

      Hopefully Undertaker has grown his hair back – he looked like a drag queen at WM.

    • JOHN

      punk has been on raw EVERY week how hasnt the wwe champion been on the show???