Jim Cornette Will Induct The Rock & Roll Express Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

As was announced by the WWE just now, Jim Cornette will make his first appearance working for the WWE since 2005 when he will make an appearance at the 2017 Hall of Fame to induct the Rock & Roll Express. Cornette has worked closely with the R&Rs over the years, especially when it came to Smoky Mountain Wrestling and 1980s WCW while he was managing the Midnight Express.


  • Vomkrieg

    Perfect person to induct the R&R and a sign the Midnight might be going in to the Hall in a few years.

    Cornette is such a polarizing figure, but he should probably end up in the Hall as well.

  • Dave Barton

    What I wouldn’t give to see Corney give his speech, have Ricky & Robert come out to accept, then waffle them with a tennis racket shot, all to set up a sneak attack from Bobby, Dennis, and Stan, setting up a “mystery partner” 6-man match the following night at WM. Let R&R pick someone who was left off the show as their partner, so someone modern can get a payday out of it too.

  • Dave Barton

    Or maybe he’ll go off-script and starting shooting on Vince, Kevin Dunn, and WWE in general. I mean, we all know Corney HATES modern sports entertainment!

    • Buzzkiller73

      True but he can work within the system when he has to. And I am sure he already has had long talks with Vince and all production people who matter.

  • Wonderkarp

    oh dis gonna be goooood.

    Or he could build a bridge enough to get inducted himself. I dunno. Stranger things have happened

  • Buzzkiller73

    Perfect choice. Only a matter of time before the Midnight Express is inducted as well, IMO one of the greatest tag teams ever.