Jim Duggan, Big E & Paige On Raw Fallout; Jim Ross Puts Over Alicia Fox

Raw Fallout

This week's Raw Fallout features "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Big E & Paige. The clips are available here or embedded below:

JR's Raw Thoughts

Jim Ross has posted his thoughts on this week's Raw to his official website. In the following excerpt, he puts over Alicia Fox's performance:

Really loved Alicia Fox' performance on RAW as her post match antics were eye opening and showed just how marketable the lovely young woman can be if she is cast properly and she raises her game as she did tonight. Minutes Maximized.

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  • Dustyn

    I’ve always loved Alicia Fox. She’s easy on the eyes, she can talk, and she’s quite good in the ring. I would like to see her with a run as Divas Champion, but only time will tell.

    • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

      If she came out like this every time I would like to see how far she can carry it also

  • Rob

    It’s about time Alicia Fox got some screen time. She’s a great worker.

  • proud

    That was really exciting from Alicia, we were finally seeing her able to have a personality on WWETV (not counting After Total Divas).
    I hope she goes far but my only concern is that Nattie may be turning and I hope they both don’t steal each other’s tv time… Big fan of both beautiful women