Jim Duggan Comments on Legend's House Experience, Another Cable Provider Drops WWE Pay-Per-Views?

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Legend's House

WWE Hall of Famer, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan was recently interviewed by Philly.com. In the interview, Jim reveals the moment when WWE asked him to be part of the show. He also talks about what it was like in the house. Duggan reveals that there was five camera crews filming the series as well as hidden cameras in the house. He also talks about his relationship with Tony Atlas and Roddy Piper. You can read the interview here.

Another Cable Company Drops WWE?

We have been following cable and satellite providers dropping WWE pay-per-views since the WWE Network launched. While all of the providers carried Wrestlemania XXX, the drop took place with Extreme Rules in May. Dish and DirecTV no longer carry WWE pay-per-views and it looks like we may be adding AT&T U-Verse to the list.

On their pay-per-view pay on their website, Money in the Bank is not currently listed; however, they are carrying multiple TNA Wrestling pay-per-views and even Ring of Honor's pay-per-view which will be airing this Sunday. You can check out the list here.

  • Feel sorry for the WWE fans having their hands forced because of these childish, greedy TV providers.

    • Richard

      Hands forced to do what? Spend less money to purchase the WWE Network? WWE should be thanking the clowns that are pulling their shows from PPV

      • Tom Mayer

        Not everyone has access to reliable broadband internet… While I don’t fall into that category, there are some WWE fans in rural areas that would order the PPVS… Now they can’t…

        The cable and sat companies should be thankful that the WWE ALLOWED them to carry their PPVs despite the Network launch.

        • Richard

          Who doesn’t have access to broadband internet? Pretty sure it’s available everywhere

          • Jesse Sherwood

            Actually, there is a sizable area around here in AR that doesn’t. If you aren’t living in a larger town, you don’t have it. I know people who still have dial-up.

          • Tom Mayer

            It sometimes amazes me in this Xbox Live Generation that people are so unaware of the world outside of their own inner-city urban block. Growing up in the days of Encarta Encyclopedia on CDROM and this era of wikipedia, it amazes me the information available..and no one even bothers to research it.

          • Richard

            I live in a small town in Canada of around 60,000

          • Jesse Sherwood

            Yes, and in Canada, they don’t have state laws restricting companies from establishing service unless they are in part run by the government. I live in a town of 25,000 and we just got the ability for 15 MPS at $50 a month. And if you live outside of the city limits, the only way to get high speed internet is through cellular tethering or the like, if you don’t live in a dead zone. If you extremely lucky, you can get Dish Network’s internet at their extravagant prices.

          • Richard

            Oh I see. Sorry my bad I thought it was all the same everywhere

  • Winnipeg

    Meh, who needs cable anymore?!!?Everything’s on the internet.