Source: Jim Johnston Confirms Theme Song For NXT Faction, Gives Details On Storyline

We're told Jim Johnston confirmed with the band "Damn It To Hell" earlier this week that he plans to produce and record their single "I'm Telling You" to use as the theme song of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

Johnston told the band this was going to be a "huge storyline" and they needed "epic" and "instantly recognizable" music. He reportedly mentioned the theme song of D-Generation X and said they needed something that was going to "make some noise."

You can listen to the song at this link.

  • vmagic

    Sounds good.

  • mjledesma

    I don’t like it. Sounds funny. The guys voice seems off.

  • Sounds like Raven’s WCW theme

  • Leo Devlin

    NEXUS 2.0! Love it!!! I hope the name of the stable is epic as well!

  • Pulp

    it's kinda awful.

  • Faktorek

    Sad that the music is not “epic” and “instantly recognizable”

  • Nick B

    It’s alright I guess, seems a bit too quiet.

  • astraldragon67

    are they kidding who is going to remember that song

  • _JIM_

    They could do a lot better IMO

  • JayAimz

    That's terrible…

  • Name

    Well what none of you are realizing is that that link is to a very ruff version. Likely not mastered. I can see this song being a good theme, with better productions and a booming screaming voice. I think this could be pretty cool. I'll wait for the produced version.

    • Cmixxer

      What’s the link?

  • Cmixxer

    What’s the link? I can’t find the song anywhere

    • Ken

      I'm in a helpful mood, so if you've not sussed it out already…

      You see up there where it says 'you can listen to the song at this link'?
      Click on the link. It takes you to the band's page at
      The song doesn't start playing automatically.
      It's at the bottom of the list. Hit the play button.
      Enjoy, or not, as your tastes dictate.

  • Robert olley

    Just heard the song and its just awful the lyrics are good and would suit but the band aren’t good at all surely it’ll be remix by jim. Go to reverb nation if you want to here it

  • Whammaster

    The songs to soft. If they want people to remember it, it has to be harder then what im listing to. This is soft rock, DX was Hard Rock / rap. =| I'm a bit disappointed.

  • Bishop

    Are they going to do a remix version of it? It’s so slow and there is no impact. Great, listening to it just made it rain here in Seattle a little bit harder

  • Ken

    I see what they're doing with that song, the devil being behind you just like the NXT guys have been behind you. I see it, but I don't think it works. It's definitely not epic and instantly recognisable by any definition of the terms I'm familiar with. I wonder if someone just slipped Jim J a printout from a lyrics website?
    The track would need remixing into something much heavier and much more energetic, minus the slow, sedate opening. That works for Drew, just, but in this case the slow sedate opening is too slow and too sedate and too lengthy before the rest kicks in, and it doesn't kick in so much as it shuffles in meekly and looks for a corner of the room with a pot plant.
    A potted plant, one in a pot, not an actual pot plant… you know the difference…
    The wrestlers would be down to the ring long before the track picks up anyway.
    Basically it would need to be a different song entirely.

    Actually, having listened to their other songs now I think it would need to be a different band entirely. Their style just doesn't seem to gel with any part of the WWE at all.
    That's not a knock at the band. They sound decent enough for their style. It's not my style but that's another matter entirely. Just because I don't like something doesn't mean it's rubbish. Polished and refined a little, with the right management and promotion, they could do well. Perhaps. They just don't jump out at me as being a WWE-related band though. I'm sure there's plenty of properrock/metal bands out there who'd love the rub that this would give them and who'd be far more appropriate.

  • Sam

    This is NOT what will be used, people, Jim Johnston will be doing his usual revamping, it will sound completely different by the end. At most the lyrics will be the same.

    He did the same with the Miz' theme, it was a shitty demo he turned into the cool theme he has now, and many others too.

  • Bryan

    They should use Johnny Cash's "Gods Gonna Cut You Down"

  • Blazeking

    They're getting closer to a full National NXT deal?!

  • Dc23

    Am I the only one who noticed that when Jim Johnston said “make some noise” he was referring to X-Pacs theme song? That song is boss!

  • Tom

    that's clearly a homemade recording, while it sounds rough and amateurish now, I have no doubt the opening riff will serve it's purpose once it's been cleaned up and professionally recorded.