Jim Neidhart Arrested

Jim Neidhart was arrested today for contempt of court as he was in court to respond to preexisting charges. Neidhart is currently in jail with no bond set.

Click here to view his arrest record with mug shot (search his last name to retrieve the record).

Neidhart was arrested in September 2010 on drug, burglary and theft charges and again in April 2011 for operating an unregistered vehicle without a valid drivers license.

  • JFetch

    Under remarks it says "5 MOS 29 DYS EA CT". Does that mean 5 months, 29 days for each count? Was he sentenced to a year and a half?

    • dave c

      that is the maximum sentance he could serve if convicted

    • Jim

      My guess is that is the amount of time that he could be charged with if he is found guilty at trial. 6 months for each count.

  • Mike

    I bet Natalya's shitting herself wondering what's going to happen to him.

  • Mike B

    She may have some uncontrollable flatulence after hearing about this. Maybe Vince was onto something after all…

  • Aj

    This is why she farts