Jim Rome Weighs In On End Of The Streak, WWE Moves Stockholders Meeting

Jim Rome on The Streak

Jim Rome questioned how pro wrestling fans didn't see the end of The Undertaker's streak coming on his show on Tuesday. You can listen to his take at this link beginning at the 19:30 mark.

Richard Reacts: Some of the reactions to the streak's end have been pretty epic.  My problem isn't so much that it's over, it's the way it was done and who ended it.  However, it was Undertaker's plan and Undertaker was injured early on so knowing both of those things, it's more palatable.  I just hope WWE is able to capitalize on it by taking the rub given to Lesnar and transfer it to someone that's going to be part of the company for the long haul.

Thanks to the Wrestling News World commentators that notified us of this.

WWE Stockholders Meeting

WWE issued a press release on Tuesday to announce a location change of their annual meeting of stockholders. We've included the release below:

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:WWE) today announced that it has changed the location of its Annual Meeting of Stockholders to be held on April 25, 2014 at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time as follows:

New Location:

Hilton Stamford Hotel
One First Stamford Place
Stamford, CT 06902
Ballroom III

Stockholders of record as of the close of business on March 3, 2014 will receive a letter regarding the new location. A formal Notice of Meeting, Proxy Statement and Proxy Card have been sent to stockholders as of the record date. Stockholders will not receive a new proxy card.

  • Ant_C

    Jim Rome, that guy is right up there with Jim Gray as one of the biggest jerks in sports media.

    • David F.

      Jim Rome is a d-bag. I liked how Around the Horn remembered Taker’s streak and Reali doing the yes chants

    • Cubed56

      I think he’s great and was spot on with his take.

      • Ant_C

        All he does is say some headline in the news then give his opinion and talk about himself and how he is right about everything and anyone who disagrees with him is wrong and does not know what they’re talking about.

        • Cubed56

          Im guessing your exactly one of the people Rome was referring to.

  • ron

    Which Jim Rome recording? The link takes you to a list of them??

    • Cubed56

      Read above

  • Snap

    Can’t listen unless I pay to join an insider thing.

  • Cubed56

    Lol, Richard is just trying to steal my thunder here. I already posted all about this in today’s Ask WNW section, I even posted the link. If you click the link above, just simply click the play button at the top of the page to the right of Jim Rome’s picture and forward to the 19:30 mark.

  • jason witten 82

    You use the word epic a lot

  • MrOldSchool

    Jim What !!!! It does not matter what he thinks about Taker’s streak.