Jim Ross Admits To Forgetting His Lines On Tonight's Raw Supershow; Apologizes For Killing Segment

Jim Ross legitimately forgot his lines on tonight's Raw Supershow and said it was the worst segment of TV he's ever killed. JR apologized to Jerry Lawler on Twitter and posted the words of his rap against Michael Cole:

Michael Cole ur d--- fool. King beat u like Gov Mule. I should call Raw ur not in my class. U kissed kings feet now u can kiss my a--! Whew.

Cole mentioned JR's Tweet on the air as JR wrote he had a "brain fart."  He's also apologized to fans that Tweeted him about the segment.

  • slade6alpha

    He shouldn't feel the need to apologize, the man should be on commentary not doing pointless segments.

  • ABNo4

    And even with the flub, he easily outshone Cole's work in general.

  • So what J.R. is still the best Live Commentator, he is not a scripted rapper. WWE needs to stop trying to humiliate him and give him his rightful spot on commentary as the voice of Raw.

    • Alex

      No, not the voice of Raw. The voice of WWE!!

  • Alex

    JR is such a talented commentary that he doesn't even need to apologize. He shouldn't even be doing all these stupid segments. He should be back at the broadcast table calling Raw, Smackdown, and PPVs.

  • Alex

    I felt horrible when he messed that segment up. The man gets embarrassed enough by McMahon on television, and he didn't need the flub. He shouldn't have to apologize, but I'm not surprised that he did because I feel like it's in his nature…he seems like such a genuinely nice person.

  • Judy

    JRwill always be the voice of wwe as far as this fan is concern. you are the man JR!!!!!

  • matt

    JR shouldn't have to apologize, it's Vince Mcmahon who should be apologizing to him

  • MonstaHeel 450

    2 words for ya: AWWWWK- WARRRRD!!!!

  • SEAN

    Meh–I've heard better…Do you remember "Grab Them Cakes" by The Junk Yard Dog from The Wrestling Album in the 80's? 😉