Jim Ross Agrees Ryback Is Green, Triple H's Latest Kayfabe Interview, Sandow Speaks

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- Jim Ross was asked on his website if he thought one way to "salvage" Ryback's career would be to put him in a tag team. Here's what JR wrote in response, "Might work. Hard to say. Ryback is green. He should get much better in time." Not to beleaguer the point but this is the basis of my argument against Ryback. He's just green.

- WWE posted a new kayfabe Triple H interview conducted by Michael Cole on dot com on Wednesday. In-character, Hunter chastised Cole for reporting last week that he might have to have his jaw wired shut and told him to do his homework. He said he would deal with Paul Wight, the man formerly known as The Big Show, on Raw next week. He'll also deal with the Rhodes family then. The interview ended with Triple H getting in Cole's face.  Click here to watch the interview in its entirety.

- The Temple News has a new Q&A online with Damien Sandow. Click here to read it.

  • Ranferi

    These triple H videos are Actually very Interesting .

  • LBP365

    sometime pride is more important than money if I was Ryback all this negative talk would make me want to go to ROH. He’s green, He’s not ready, He still have work to b done well if u think that bad about him stop putting him in main events!!!!! The man have to have some pride cause this has went past helpful talk in down right hurtful a man of his statue talk about so much about he can’t wrestle, or act, or do an interview.