Jim Ross Calls WWE HIAC A Moderate Success, Sandow Speaks, Ryback Tells Fans To Be Happy

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- Jim Ross called WWE Hell in a Cell a moderate success and seemed to agree with my own analysis on many aspects. Click here for JR's WWE HIAC thoughts.

- Arda Ocal interviewed Damien Sandow on Monday and posted a transcript on his blog on The Baltimore Sun. Click here to read it.

- Ryback Tweeted the following regarding critics of Hell in a Cell:


  • Robbie

    He just doesn’t know when to stop does he?

  • 3D

    Ryback is such an immature jackass. He needs to stay off of Twitter. His use of it has done him more harm than good.

    • John

      I agree to a certain degree, however you also have to take into account just how annoying it must be for these guys to constantly have to listen to idiot wrestling fans on twitter bashing them and the product after every single event!

      Why people feel the need to go on twitter and act this way is beyond me!

      • Mysterion

        As is Rybacks prerogative to defend himself it is the prerogative of fans to moan on twitter. It’s a very free speech site.

      • EricDraven86

        Well John Cena seems to be able to take it in stride. If Ryback wants to take Cena’s spot as #1, he is going to have to develop some of Cena’s class. If you are a public figure you have to take the good with the bad.

  • AB

    Chances are that Ryback’s working with that Tweet, but either way it comes across as a pretty feeble insult.

  • Nostaljack

    Given the way he was just squashed, it would appear that he has little to be happy about. It appeared that Vince has killed Ryback.

  • Lebron James

    “I get it, you’re fat”. Hahahahaha, that was pretty fun. I’m assuming only chunksters got offended.

  • Luc

    3 things I enjoyed about Hell In A Cell:
    -I didn’t pay for it
    -I didn’t have any expectations for the show
    -I didn’t watch Hell In A Cell 2013

    • jesse69

      Right on, bro! Same here.

  • Justin Lal

    So IWC can dish out the insults but when a wrestler takes personal shots at them they can’t handle it.