Jim Ross Comments On Evan Bourne's Suspension

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. In it, he discusses numerous topics but also touches on the second WWE Wellness suspension of Evan Bourne. Below is an excerpt:

Thoughts on Evan Bourne's 2nd Wellness Suspension from WWE?" Obviously unfortunate for the talent. Two strikes are never good but I want to make it clear that I know zero details and only what I have read on WWE.com regarding this matter. Nonetheless, this matter is being taken seriously as it should be and is terribly perplexing why a talent would travel the same road again.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

  • Maz

    They shud use this story and turn him heel and go against kofi at wrestlemani

    • tone

      if only they were that smart and creative……

      • randall21

        thats not smart and creative! Thats going into someones personal demons and using it for entertainment.

      • Eggtrocious

        I agree with randall. That's just plain ridiculous. Investing time into anyone with two wellness strikes is bat crazy. Any hope Bourne had of a push has officially vaporized, no doubt.

    • Mitch

      The only reason I think they wouldn’t use that story line is because WWE now being PG, plus WWE got heat over the same sort of storyline involving R-Truth and John Morrison a few months back, but I must say great suggestion

    • Jon

      Bourne doesn't deserve to work Wrestlemania. WWE doesn't have many rules, but he's broken this one twice in a 3 month time frame. The last guy who did anything like this was Chris Masters and he was doomed to the lower-mid card for the rest of his career.

  • Jamesrampage

    The guy is a great in ring performer. But he needs to be let go. Seriously! Your a wwe superstar! Millions of people want to be in your shoes and all you care about is smokin dope. Sounds like he needs to get his life togeather and stop being a dumb ass!

  • Clint

    naw no way evan getting over as a heel, plus leave real life substance abuse out of it we get wnough of that at TNA

  • JFetch

    Why would they take a chance on him when he just failed Wellness twice in two months? He's getting released before he becomes the first guy they have to fire for a third violation.

  • Cristina

    Well obviously Evan is a fool. And no it's not that he's his own worst enemy, it's that he proved incapable of handling his push responsibly. How many young guys over the years have blown golden opportunities with a bad case of a swollen head?This guy was clean until he and Kofi got pushed. If he can't handle "it" than maybe he should find future endeavors. I just hope he doesn't drag Kofi Kingston down with him. Because don't think for a second Evan won't be out on his ass if WWE thinks his drug use might make Linda's campaign look bad.

  • khadapathar


    • Cristina

      You're full of crap dude. Evan is responsible for his own downfall because he's just another junkie who thinks he's above the rules. Well now he knows he isn't. Unbelievable how these young guys STILL have learned NOTHING from wrestlers who fell to similar demons before them.

      • bettysteve

        please don't say junkie, there are no needles involved in smoking pot and a pot fiend won't steal from his mother, children, friends or ANYONE to fund his habit. and as l said yesterday, would the punters prefer that the talent be bloated boozehounds?

  • Maz

    Bourne is smart, he got some real media attention and now needs to use it, this can go in many ways:
    Take the PG rating off and get kofi to do a great promo

    Bourne could bring back the SES with Luke gallows, jeff and matt hardy and form some sort of heel group pretending to be clean.

    Or cm punk could do a great promo shaving Bourne’s head and announcing that he is clean.

    It they make it work, it could be the new ‘cm punk’ of 2012 with a real life promo

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Hey Evan. 2 words : HARDY BOYZ. 'Nuff said.