Jim Ross Discusses Working With Vince McMahon On Commentary, Names The Best Trio Of Commentators Of All Time, More

The official WWE website has a new article up written by WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, in which he discusses doing commentary with Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler in the 1990s. He continues in the following excerpt:

While I am not a major fan of three-man announce booths in general in any genre, there are exceptions to the rule and I remain steadfast in remembering Vince, "King" and J.R. as the best three-man team that I ever worked with on Monday Night Raw and, arguably, the best trio, for my money, ever at the announce table.

McMahon was an excellent play-by-play talent who I learned a great deal from and who understood in-ring psychology as well as anyone who ever put on a headset. Plus, no one ever cared more about WWE and its fan base than The Chairman. I was lucky to have been able to work so closely with Vince McMahon as he was able to see up-close what I could contribute to WWE, which lead to some amazing years not only at ringside, but also in the boardroom.

While “Mr. McMahon” has made Good Ol’ J.R.’s life challenging at times, Vince McMahon provided Jim Ross a career opportunity and an education that will likely never be duplicated again in the business.

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  • SRP

    I miss Vince on commentary. He and JR had an energy that no one has been able to match.

  • Chris

    When Vince retires from owner he should go back to commentary! With king and jr that would make every three hour raw worth watching!!!

  • Elliott

    I miss Gorilla Monsoon , Bobby the Brain, and Jesse the Body more .

  • Miles

    McMahon, Ventura and Styles