Jim Ross Gives His Thoughts On Monday's Raw Supershow; Says Santino Replacing Randy Orton Is A Jaw Dropper

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. In it, he gives his thoughts on Monday's WWE Raw Supershow and reaction to Santino Marella replacing Randy Orton in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match. Below is an excerpt:

The HHH/HBK in ring segment was compelling. I could have listened all night to their interaction. This segment was a hit and provoked thought of which some fans are over thinking. Nothing new there..

Didn't hate the 'debate' that started the show as it did provide talents with an opportunity to speak. Speaking on TV is essential. No talk generally equals not a star.

Seems as if Kofi/Jericho have some chemistry in the ring. Kofi is starting to step forward and hopefully he remains hungry and aggressive in those efforts. Jericho is already a star who is destined for big things likely sooner than later.

It seemed as if I sort of drove up on Orton and Show squaring off in the ring. This is the bout where Orton got concussed and has now been eliminated from competing at the Elimination Chamber PPV this Sunday. Concussions are not and cannot be dealt with any way but seriously. WWE does a really nice job regarding talent's injuries with a full time medical doctor at every event along with a certified athletic trainer.

Saw on WWE.com where Santino was replacing Orton in the Smackdown elimination chamber bout. That's a jaw dropper.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

  • Thomas

    I saw that and I was like Santino??? That did surprise me. Not to say he's not a qualified wrestler, but I honestly don't see him besides a mid carder. I honestly think Justin Gabriel would of been a much better choice, but cest la vie.

    • cristina

      Santino is and should be nothing more than the comic relief. I still think Kharma would've been a great twist as the replacement. I mean we sure know that she's got what it takes to get in there and make an impression. Anyways this whole thing with Santino has got me scratching my head. It furthers my suspicion that those most in need of a Wellness Test are those on the creative team. I mean I'm envisioning the scene of the creative team sitting in a boardroom passing "something" around while they continue to try and outdo one another with the dumbest and or crappiest idea. Because ONLY minds on something strong could come up with putting Santino Marella in th EC Main Event.

  • The Breaker

    Honestly, even Drew McIntyre would make a better replacement. Maybe on the PPV prior to the Chamber match a frustrated Drew will dispose of Santino and force his way in.

    I just don't see Santino's antics working in that sort of match. Unless they just feed him to Khali for a quick elimination.

    • jdl

      McIntyre isn't a legitimate replacement, whether people like him or not is meaningless, he's been squashed repeatedly and gone unused for months, he's easily a worse choice than Santino by virtue of the fact that Santino is popular and immune to the typical power structure of the company due to his abilities on the stick.

    • monty

      i don't know what drew did so bad that people never want to give me a real shot, he has the skills its all matter of getting a real push, VKM is wasting a really talented wrestler

  • Matt

    There is no way santino will make it into the chamber, either Drew, Christian or Rio will take him out before hand.

  • Jim

    McIntyre would’ve been my 1st choice also. Having him either win the E.C., or at least having him finish in 2nd place, would’ve been a interesting way to end his current losing streak and instantly put him right back on the top of the Smackdown card. Like a “last chance” kind of situation would’ve been more interesting than just putting Santino in there out of nowhere…

    • Thomas

      You raise up something interesting with Mcintyre….they say desperate men do desperate things….and Santino has kind of been a pain in the butt with him, perhaps the cards will unfold into something interesting? Look out for Drew.

  • Steve

    its Vince puting in santino not creative

  • Steven

    If Daniel Bryan can be World Heavy Champion why cant Santino be World Heavy Champion. Anything can happen in the WWE.

  • 7028brethart

    Ok were is jack swagger and why isn’t he in the elimination chamber now that Orton is out, but I love santino, future hall of famer.

    • Chris

      He's US champ on Raw….thats where he is….

  • stoney

    Santino in the elimination chamber is just complete ineptitude and jaw dropping stupidity

  • Kleck

    Isn’t Santino part of the Raw brand?

    • Razmos01

      He ia assistant to teddy long and has been for about a month or so now, have you been watching?

      • Kleck

        Nope. I don’t watch Smackdown. I don’t really care for the characters of Smackdown. Even if he is an “assistan”t to Long, isn’t he still a Raw Brand guy?

  • Enus

    I guess they put Santino there, Becouse he wouldn’t have any impact on the EC. Just need a random body.

  • Chrisdoff

    kofi can now step up as he is working with a main-event level talent who won't suddenly bury him like Orton did a few years back. One of the things I have most respected about Jericho since he became a 'veteran' is his willingness to put other, younger talent over win or lose.

  • Brad

    Look they need jobber like wrestlers to do jobs in the chamber.. Every year they put one or two guys in there that have no chance of winning..

    • RyderNation

      Not true at all WWE usually puts their top talent in the chamber match and where it can go either way for whoever wins but WWE putting santino is a joke this is their build towards Wrestlemania

  • Mojo

    Thanks for the spoiler I guess. Could have hidden it someplace other than the headline maybe?

  • BIGRAN77741

    Look for the miz to shine

  • steve2

    Am I the only one who likes Santino? He puts on a good show. The whole reason to watch wrestling is for entertainment value, which Santino has a ton of. Stop taking it so seriously and just enjoy the show.

    • Tammy

      I am with you Steve. Why is everyone "hating" on Santino. I have seen Santino wrestle in the past and he is actually a pretty decent wrestler. Unfortunately VKM only allows a wrestler to "show-case" what he wants them to. I like the idea of Santino being in the Elimination Chamber, he will get "squashed" but give us a few minutes of entertainment.

      • Brad

        I’m not hating.. But he’s not on tv every week because of his wrestling skills(not saying he doesnt have skills)

  • Sant

    I ho[e he wins 🙂


    I root for McIntyre all the way and he would be great vs Sheamus as well