Jim Ross Gives More Details On Car Accident Yesterday That Left His Car Totaled

Jim Ross has posted more details from the car accident he was involved in yesterday on his official Twitter account. You can view his Tweet below:

  • Darren forkey

    Get well soon jr

  • kyle

    I am SO happy he is okay

  • Adrian

    thank god jr i ok

  • Chopper

    I realy hope that cole does not poke fun at this on raw he cud gain a few fans by wishing JR get better soon.
    All the best JR take care and hope to see you back and well soon.

  • Dinosaur

    It’s unfortunate… But he’s ok – we can move on surely?

  • Jim

    He’s a lucky man. Anytime you can walk away from a head on collision you definitely lucked out. Its good to hear that he’s just “sore”. Feel better soon J.R..

  • Winky p

    I’m hopin u didnt have good ole jrs BBQ sauce in your trunk

  • Leg on the bottom rope, again

    Great something else Michael cole can pick on him for……