Jim Ross - "I'd Be Shocked To See Brock Lesnar Remotely Near A WWE Event In 2012"

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- Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. In it, he answers several questions from his Twitter followers and website readers. Below is what he had to say regarding a potential Brock Lesnar to WWE return:

Will Brock Lesnar return to WWE full time or part time? For those that know Brock well, the answer to this question is actually quite simple. It's NO. Brock dislikes, putting it mildly, traveling. Plus, he doesn't need the money even though he's smart enough to not turn down a big payday if the lay of the land is to his liking. That's why the UFC thing was good for him because he could earn big money by traveling 2-3 times per year to fight. I could see Brock doing a major, one off WWE appearance ala a Wrestlemania, but not this year, and doing so while not even making the live Raw events that lead into it. I could also see WWE traveling to Brock to shoot vignettes to build whatever match that he might be booked. For fans who think that Lesnar will return to make a significant amount of TV dates only and then only work a handful or so of PPV's, I hate to burst your bubble, but in my opinion that simply isn't happening.

Of course, the Lesnar to WWE rumors will persist TFN but I'd be shocked to see Brock Lesnar remotely near a WWE event in 2012.

Brock Lesnar came to UFC from the sports entertainment world and was vilified before he ever had his first fight. But in only a handful of outings Brock Lesnar became the biggest drawing card in the UFC. Over time, Brock earned the die hard MMA fan's respect but the lesson to be learned, as Muhammad Ali told me years ago, fans love to dislike certain athletes and will pay great money to see said athletes get physically abused and beaten. Brock Lesnar proved that old school adage to still be applicable today yet he persevered and eventually became a fighter than many UFC fans supported.

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  • monty

    thing is ROSS since they don't tell you when they gonna fire you on national TV i doubt that you know that much anymore. And that's coming from a 20 plus years wrestling fan but if you throw enough money at brock he will bite, why can't he do a few dates like undertaker,or hhh?

    i fully expect to see brock come back by mid 2012 in a surprise PPV where he will screw someone

    the last contract he turned down was 7 years 45 million if i am not wrong and if rumors are true before he left for NFL than became a MMA fighter. so not only i want to see him back i fully expect him to be back wwe needs some main stars for ratings reason so it makes a lot of sense

    • havoc525

      The simple fact is this, no amount of money is going to make him go back full time. He’s already loaded and doesn’t need the cash. Just because you’ve been “watchin’ wrasslin'” for 20 years, you are NOT able to dictate who, or when, certain people show up. As stated, maybe a 1 more match scenario, but he won’t be back full time until after The Rock is, and that’s not happening, ever.

      • monty

        well my friend i should have said i think. and if you are a wrestling fan you can never use the word ever

        i know lesner made pretty good money in wwe but he failed in nfl again so in 8 fights how much money did he really make? 100million? or more?

        loaded i seriously doubt it i know he has a lot of money but i am not sure about loaded

        as a wrestling fan it would be nice to see him back even time for time just like stone cold has done. But i also believe we will see him fight again in UFC and we will see him wrestle again in WWE atleast that's what i hope

        so yes after 20 years i don't know but if hogan can come back full time from wcw to wwf than anything can happen

        • XKonn247

          Stop bloody arguing! You sound pathetic. I been a wrestling fan nigh on 22 years, I written blogs, talked to guys in the biz, recently pissed off Gail Kim by telling her to shut up moaning on WWE, which she subsequently blamed me for. It doesn’t mean I know everything. JR knows Brock. JR signed Brock. You didn’t. So just stop pretending you know everything and shut up arguing.

  • Steve

    Brock Lesnar to win the Royal
    Rumble. Bank on it!