Jim Ross Involved In A Bad Car Accident

The following is from the official Twitter account of Jim Ross:

We’re certainly glad to hear JR is OK.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Keelan Early for sending this in.

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  • Tomas

    "Bad Car Accident" – Yeah well he was driving a Chevy…

    • Big D

      Escalade is Cadillac

      • Jqpublic

        And Cadillac is under the fm umbrella like chevy

        • Jqpublic


  • eurosario

    Thank god he’s safe

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I'm glad to hear he is safe.

  • kbunyon

    My heart dropped dropped when I saw the headline. I'm so glad he's okay.


  • Jim

    Hope you’re ok J.R. Car accidents are scary things that can get ugly real quick.

  • http://twitter.com/WmLeverette Billfred

    I work at a car dealership and wrecked a rental car on vacation (nobody hurt but my bank account). When I told the story at work, the used car manager pointed out one important thing: It's just sheetmetal.

    Glad JR's alright!

  • Aldo T

    Not to mention that Cadillacs have durable bodies.

    If not, he'd be in a WORLD of hurt.

  • 7028brethart

    Thank GOD he was not seriously injured and walked away from accident, we need you in the WWE.

  • #1 Awesome One

    Thank goodness he is not hurt…poor man:-(

  • havoc525

    Looks like a job for Brisco Brothers Body Shop…

  • Andy

    WHAT!!!!! thou shalt not hit thee greatest commentator in thee world. #riot

  • Joe

    I wish it was Michael cole who was in it

  • Gash Flordon


  • Wwe4L76

    So he is a bad driver

  • mikki

    glad to hear good ole j.r. is alright. good thoughts sent your way mr. ross. remember….vehicles can be replaced, lives can't…..

  • Alex

    Just glad to hear that JR is ok. That's all the matters here.