Jim Ross, Michael Cole & John Layfield All Comment On Working Together On WWE Raw

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Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter after WWE Raw:

Michael Cole wrote the following:

John Layfield wrote the following:

  • George Greene

    Jim Ross should be given andue to the crap he deals with, and yet stays faithful. He is The Underaker of Commentary. A voice that will ever be duplicated or filled. Him calling matches has for sure given most of them validity. The Triple H/Undertaker 3 wouldn't have been the same without him. The attitude was much more epic because of his voice!

    • Guy Landau

      Same goes for 'Taker-HBK in 'Mania 25. It the turn of the match from good to epic he yelled "I just had an out of body experience", which in turn affected the viewers. (I'm doing a philosophy dissertation partially about that match, so I know it more or less completely by memory, in many different aspects of it.

  • JonnyL

    JBL was awful though, even JR was struggling to rescue him! Could of been a lot worse just imagine a JBL BookerT combo?!?

  • Matt

    All classy guys and made Raw a great experience.

  • Ernest Bethea

    Oh C'mon! Even JBL said he was a bit rusty. The guy did this to fill in for Jerry "The King" Lawler, and that is respectful in of itself. Kudos to JR and JBL for their work.

  • Kevin M

    Jbl = junk. Cole and jr would of been fine. Hell I would of taken a half jerry the king at home doin commentary rather than jbl

    • eurosario

      JBL said he was rusty so chill

    • XKonn247

      You mark. Do you even realise its only characters you’re booing?

  • James M>>>

    Notice JBL didn’t say anything about cole?

    • GODSENT83

      Yea I noticed that too, maybe reading too much into it though