Jim Ross On How Leaving WWE Affects CM Punk's Legacy; Mason Ryan's Future In The Wrestling Business

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JR On CM Punk's Legacy

Speaking of Jim Ross, he has a new blog up on his official website in which he discusses Owen Hart, Impact Wrestling, unscripted promos and more. In the following excerpt, JR talks CM Punk's legacy:

I was asked today by the Chicago Tribune if @CMPunk deserved to be in the top 25 of the all time great wrestlers. I said that all these "All Time Top" whatever lists are overly subjective but my list would be the talents who I would want in my company if I owned a wrestling organization. By the way, that will never, EVER, happen. Nonetheless, I'd absolutely want Punk on my team so therefore under my criteria he's a top 25 guy. He's too versatile, too skilled, an excellent hero or villain, can talk, has a great work ethic and is one of the smarter minds I've been around.

I was also asked if CM Punk abruptly leaving WWE would adversely affect his legacy. My answer, a simple "Hell, no."

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Mason Ryan On His Time With WWE

Mason Ryan recently took part in an extensive interview in which he discussed working with CM Punk, a potential return to WWE in the future, potentially working for other companies and more. The interview is available at this link or embedded below:


  • Vic Jose

    Mason will be debuting in TNA soon as Bootista. lol

  • Steve pritchard

    Waking out of wwe didn’t effect Austin’s legacy . So I don’t see it effecting punk. IMO I think him walking out did nothing but increase his stock. If you think he wasn’t a very important part of wwe. Your just in denial .

    • Danny_Boy

      Lol. CM Punk couldn’t lace Austin’s jock strap. Punk will always be a quitter

  • Venom

    You would think Batista coming back they could have done something with him and Mason Ryan. Nope. Batista comes back and Ryan gets released.