Jim Ross On Smackdown, CM Punk Sick, Rey Mysterio Update

- Jim Ross discusses making an appearance on this week's Smackdown in a new blog entry posted here on his official website. JR was obviously at the show hanging out backstage as they were in Oklahoma City.

- CM Punk worked this week's WWE Raw fighting an illness. Many put him over not only for the stellar main event against John Cena but the fact he did it while sick.

- Rey Mysterio continues to deal with personal issues and has been removed from upcoming live events. He was backstage at this week's Smackdown taping in Oklahoma City.

  • Does anyone buy personal issues? Not to pry into the lives of the Superstars but many gawk as Rey is still one of the biggest steroid users on the roster. If Vince doesn’t fire him soon, we’ll be doing an RIP segment for him.

    • Nostaljack

      You have no basis for what you just said. You neither know whether or not his personal issues or real and you have no idea whether or not he uses steroids.

  • PainOfDemise

    It’s a good thing the replacements for Rey hasn’t worked out yet, or his ass would be gone by now with all this personal time he’s been taking off.

    • Rob G

      Cut him a break. The guy has been full time on the road for years. He’s paid his dues, and if he is having personal issues, so be it. I’m not even a Rey fan, but you have to respect the guy.

      • PainOfDemise

        Doesn’t matter if I respect him or not, I like Rey, it’s just a fact. Vince isn’t going to continue to pay for someone to never be there.

    • Young Mula

      It’s true, why else do you think they brought in Sin Cara, but he’s not quite as over as Rey was so until then he aint going no where.

  • Michael

    Wow it’s amazing what you hear from folks on this site. None of you know what this man is dealing with it could be his mom, wife, or one of his kids. Yall accuse the man of using steroids really. Rey has always put on a show stealing match he has bust his ass for this business he deserves more respect then this. What if you had personal problems and had to take time off would you want people saying you were lying or on drugs. Think before you speak sometimes.

    • Kenneth

      You’re right, we don’t know what Rey’s dealing with, but we do know some things about Rey. He’s known for using steroids and similar in the past, for example, and he’s known for being very physically fragile these days what with his bum knees and all, and he’s known for returning from one ‘absence’ only to go on another mysterious ‘absence’ a few weeks later. (no pun intended)

      Until he says something about the reason for this particular ‘absence’ it’s perfectly understandable for interested people to make assumptions based on his previous behaviour. That’s how life works… the future is built upon the present which is built upon the past, and your past doesn’t go away. Ever. It’s called consequences, and they can be a complete whore at times, but that’s life.

      As far as I’m concerned Rey doesn’t put on show stealing matches any more. Pretty much every match of his I’ve seen over the last few years has been a phoned-in carbon copy of every other match he’s been in.

      The Rey I loved and respected died sometime back in WCW’s cruiserweight division. The Rey we’re all talking about now might as well be Jack Black in a lucha mask (he’s about the same physique).

      Personally I couldn’t care less why Rey’s off this time around. I hope he stays gone. He’s doing more to harm his legacy by yo-yoing and flaking out month after month than any fan speculation ever could.

      • Chris

        Good job of trying to form a coherent, cohesive, and well stated argument, until you flamed out like a douche at the end.

        • Rich

          It’s about excitement and momentum and psychology that’s why rey will always keep putting on stellar matches. I agree with Michael. And why is everyone on here judgemental. I mean in general. Criticising argument techniques?! If this is the iwc then stuff it! People thinking they’re smart but probably lacking a bf/gf!

          • Kenneth

            But Rey doesn’t put on stellar matches any more. He used to do but not these days. The excitement and momentum and psychology and innovation he had back in the day are long gone.
            People criticise Cena for his Five Moves Of Doom. Rey’s just as bad these days. I barely pay attention to his matches these days because I know exactly how they’re going to go. I can’t remember being proven wrong about that.

            His opponent will do his stuff, then Rey will fit his 619 in, do his splash off the top rope, and win. At least Cena loses occasionally.

        • Kenneth

          If that’s what you consider a flame then you’ve led a very sheltered life, my friend.

      • Michael

        Once again you just proved my point think before you speak other wise you sound like a jackass. No matter how you feel about a person until you’ve walked a mile hell a block in their shoes one shouldn’t make dumb remarks. Rey may not have you as a fan anymore but other fans like him. You say you don’t care what he’s going through and that you hope he stays gone on what level of hate is in your heart. No matter of the guy used all the drugs in the world he’s still a human just like you and we all make mistakes. However I wouldn’t down a persons name when I don’t even know what the personal reason is, if it’s somebody close to him battling a life altering disease and die then you look like an ass hole that made stupid ass remarks that could never be taken back. Again you have to live with yourself and the things that are in your heart but a true Christian would never say or think the things that just came out of your mind.

        • Kenneth

          Why bring religion into this? I’ve never claimed to be a Christian in anything, nor would I want to be. I don’t live my life by an outdated moral code mired in hypocrisy and shallow sentiment, but then this is a wrestling board, not a religion board, so kindly keep that claptrap to yourself and argue based on the relevant points.

          You don’t have to walk a mile or a block or even a step in someone’s shoes to be able to see things from their perspective, if you’re educated enough to understand the issues concerned.
          Rey’s done some stupid things in the past that are coming back to bite him in the rear, things that half an ounce of common sense should have told him weren’t smart.
          People make mistakes, but when the consequences of a choice are widely known beforehand (medical drawbacks of steroid use) it’s not a mistake. It’s a deliberate choice. Mistakes are accidental and can be forgiven, once, as long as the mistake is learned from. Choices not so much.

          Rey’s just like Hardy or Hall in that way. They all have problems based on choices they’ve repeatedly made. Once can be forgiven. Twice, three times, four times, a lifetime… nahh.
          I don’t have ‘hate in my heart’ for Rey. I do still kinda like him, at least based on what he’s done in the past. I just don’t want to see him return if he’s not sorted his problems out, whatever those problems are, and that’s for his own sake as well as as a wrestling fan.

          Rey’s secrecy about his absence is harming his legacy. If he or someone close to him is facing a life-altering disease then a simple ‘oh, such and such is ill’ is all that’s needed. No gory details, no invasion of privacy, nothing like that. Just something to let people know that he’s not coming off of some sort of substance again.

          • Michael

            Really you are nowhere near educated sounding like that. Him not telling poor Kenneth why he’s taking time off is hurting his legacy you sound like you are dumb, stupid far from educated. How in the hell could he be hurting his legacy by not telling us why he’s taking time off. News flash it’s none of our damn business. You marks are all the same you really think just because you watch this and you’re a fan that these wrestlers don’t hasn’t personal lives and are obligated to tell you everything that goes on in their life well guess what they don’t. It’s called privacy for a reason you moron. Wrestlers are humans just like you and me and there are certain things that you may be going through that you don’t want everybody knowing about and it has nothing to do with drugs. The people that matter know what’s going on Vince Paul and if they thought it was something dumb they would have taken action. I don’t know or care what you have against Rey but you are the dumbest person to have ever made a statement on here educated lmao you are not no matter how many degrees you may have you could still be the dumbest person in the room. Common sense nothing what said about him being hurt or anything related to a history one that I may add that I’ve never even heard of. You keep stating that he was on steroids never heard that and unless you were there to witness him doing it you know nothing of which you speak as well young fella. You mentioned both Hall and Hardy again two people that you haven’t been in their shoes to speak of. You say you don’t have to and that common sense makes you educated well you are dumb and that statement really stupid. You don’t live by religion your stupid again. In the Bible it states only God can judge a man for his actions. You my friend are no God. You fans that speak on certain wrestlers Cena, Hardy, Hall, mysterio you judge them you put them down and talk trash about them as if you are the end all be all of this world, like you’re the judge that determines if they enter the gates or not. He who doesn’t believe is doomed to a lifetime in hell. You mentioned Hall it’s well documented that he has had a lot of personal demons that have lead him down the road that he’s been through. Hall has been given help and anybody that is ” educated” or have ” common sense” would know that an addict may not get clean no matter how much help they’ve had until they either decide they are ready or they get that wake up call. However giving up on them is not helping at all. An addict like Hall and Hardy needs a support system. Hardy has turned his life around since two years ago when he had that breakdown at the ppv. You live your life to judge and I’m glad that you’re not a Christian because you would make all of us look bad. I hope that you really get some common sense one day and that you do done educated research on how to deal with people and addicts because your view right now is not educated it’s stupid and you have neither education or common sense making dumb remarks like you have been making. Live a little longer and life will educate you with common sense.

          • Kenneth

            Format that and I might read it. Until then I’ll just assume you’re talking nonsense. Wall of text is NOT your friend.

          • B-Swagg

            Maybe Rey doesn’t want sympathy. If someone in his family is ill then he should have every right not to speak on it if he doesn’t want to. It’s his personal matter. I’m sure you don’t go into your work discussing your personal problems with everyone so why should Rey, and what makes it even worse is that Rey is in a position where everyone is watching him so he expects foolish, naive past dwellers like you to speculate your own decisions.

          • Kenneth

            Yes he has the right not to speak on it, but he is in a public position with a very druggy shadow hanging over his head. Not addressing the matter only reinforces the opinion that he’s in a dodgy situation.

            Life is built on the past, Mr Swagg. People’s past behaviours are indications of how they’ll behave in the future. It’s how life works. People can change, but they need to be aware that the past doesn’t. If you’ve acted like a moron in the past then there will always be the expectation that you’ll continue to act like a moron in the present/future. Why? Because you acted like a moron in the past.

            It’s a nasty, vicious circle. Best way to avoid it… don’t act like a moron in the first place. It’s one of those Captain Hindsight situations. “If Rey didn’t want people to assume he’s having drug-related medical problems then Rey shouldn’t have started using drugs.”

      • Rich

        Oh and punk said that rey makes you look ten times better than you are in the ring. Everyone respects him. One of the best ever.

      • B-Swagg

        You are a complete tool, and one of the reasons why people don’t change from their past behavior. If fans don’t let him live it down even if he does thrive to change then whats the point. Stop living in the past because the people that do are the people that want to cause trouble.

        Your saying Rey Mysterio hasn’t put on a show stealing match since WCW. Have you not seen when Rey became WH Champion in WM22. Rey is the first man to bring high flyers into the main event/title picture. He opened doors that others could’t open and then left it open so guys like Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, Kaval etc. could walk right through.

        • Kenneth

          The reason people don’t change from their past behaviour in this regard is because they’re the tools. Your past doesn’t go away just because you want it to. Life doesn’t work like that. If you’re trying to get clean after using drugs people are going to doubt you and are going to expect you to relapse.They were dumb enough to start using in the first place. If they’re really serious about cleaning up then my doubts won’t matter.

          I’ve seen when Rey became WHC at WM22. I’ve been watching wrestling since the early 80s. The Rey Mysterio of the present is nothing compared to the Rey of the past. Sure, he did open doors and so on, and I fully respect what he’s done in the past, that’s one of the reasons I’m hard on him. He has a legacy, one that he’s pissing down the drain with his steroid use and frequent unexplained absences.

  • Dangerous Lee

    If Rey is using steroids, then he’s using the wrong kind…

  • BIG M

    It’s not drugs but something is obviously very wrong in rey’s world right now why else would vince and triple h be so patient with a top selling superstar being away on leave for so long.
    Not to mention the fact It’s so close to wrestlemania and wwe wanted to do some world record thing with rey and sin cara.
    And Im sure idiots online saying he is away due to drugs or something Isn’t helping.
    I want to see rey back more than anybody but the man’s life is obviously chaotic right now.
    Whatever the reason for his hiatus It requires his full attention and everyone else should respect his privacy.

  • Xavier

    Once again the majority of the IWC shows their ignorance. So much disrespect thrown at the best worker in wrestling over the past decade in a half. Michael has summed up everything perfectly, so I won’t go into to much detail. But nobody has the right to bash him b/c nobody knows what Mysterio is going thru outside the ring so we should all take a step back and let him deal with his issues privately.

  • joel

    I think Rey might be out cause he’s spending time with a new addition to his family. last I heard was that his wife was pregnant so it could mean she had the baby and Rey probably taking care of that

  • SweetEvil

    Hi This isn’t my normal to write something, but A friend had said he had seen Rey perform with Extreme Reuoin the last time they were in Philly. My friend is going to see Extreme Reuoin again this April and said there is a Rey Mysterio list to perform

    • Extreme what???

      • SweetEvil

        Ok so I made a mistake should have read Extreme Reunion. I’m not perfect.