Jim Ross On Whether Or Not Wrestlemania Will Be The Undertaker's Final Match; Ted DiBiase Launches New Website

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- Jim Ross has a new blog entry on his official website where he gives his thoughts on last night's Raw Supershow and answers fan mail. One reader asked him about the future of The Undertaker and since it's a question we get often, I'm posting his response below:

Q..."Will this be Undertaker's last match?" I have no way of knowing nor does any one else. One can logically say that it all depends on how he fares in this sure to be physical bout inside Hell in a Cell vs. HHH. No one, not even the rumor mongers, can predict the future. My educated guess, or hope, is that this isn't Taker's last WM bout.

I recently did say that sooner or later Undertaker's career would come to an end just as any other athlete or performer. This statement isn't a revelation it's merely a fact of life. When that day comes will be a sad day for me as his friend and fan of the man's amazing body of work and the WWE will change forever at that point.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

- Ted DiBiase has opened DiBiasePosseParty.com to promote the parties he throws in cities before WWE events. In a video released today, DiBiase says his wife [Kristen] is expecting their first child May 30th. You can watch the video embedded below:

  • Dave Barton

    I've been a Dead Man fan from day one, but this needs to be his last match. A year between matches, countless titles & wins over the biggest names in the business, no other viable challengers for "The Streak"…except Cena, but he's already lost at WM twice and I think the place would riot if he beat Taker, even if it were held in West Newbury Massachusetts. Plus, if Taker loses this year, he's 19-1…why go on to another WM after that? And if he wins, he's 20-0…why push for 21-0 or 22-0? Just leave it an even 20-0…what's he gonna do, wrestle once annually until its 25-0??

    He's put in his time, he can't go nearly as often as he used to, just let him Retire In Peace as the longest-running attraction in (W)WWF/E history. No one can take away the legacy that he built.

    • havoc525

      I wouldn’t be against giving Cena one crack at it. I can’t remember the last time they worked together. Cena, especially if he beats Rocky, will have “done everything, but…,” so it would make sense. That could be Undertaker’s exit, having stopped the best of his generation, and the next, with Orton and Cena on the list. He could come to grips with his legacy and go out on top at 21-0.

      • Razmos01

        Cena hasnt done everything, i dont ever remember him holding the intercontinental championship!!

        • Dave Barton

          Cena is a 2 x US champ, he really doesn’t need an IC title run at this stage. Otherwise, yeah, he’s superman so a WM match with Taker would surely draw money.

  • @RatedMKD

    Congratulations to the DiBiase family!

  • Since Taker has had a year off and has gone through his surgeries, he is probably in better shape now to stay for a while. My guess is that Taker's retirement has to be made as a BIG DEAL storyline that goes on for a long time. Perhaps he will stay until Survivor Series, which is where he debuted in '90 so it might sense for him to retire at that event. There's more storytelling to it that way, and Taker has been about storytelling and character-presentation more than anything else.

  • Rob W

    I would say next year, when WM 29 is in New York/New Jersey. The only one left for him to face at WM is Cena, or maybe even The Rock. But Taker has to retire undefeated @ WM's! It would be a travesty if he does not! I would personally never watch WWE again if he ever lost @ WM!

  • Dave Barton

    The recent trend seems to be “I’m ready to retire, so let me put someone over out of respect…let me choose who gets to pull the trigger.” HBK retired Flair & Taker retired HBK. Hell, Rock quietly retired Austin too. So the more I think about it, the more id be ok with Taker losing to a man of his choice as his farewell match at a WM.


  • Bruno

    Cena vs taker