Jim Ross Predicts The Royal Rumble, Discusses The Event On Radio, More

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

Daniel Bryan retains the World Title by hook or crook. Seems as if the resourceful Bryan is changing his TV persona and will use his new found craftiness to escape St. Louis still the WHC. Pick: Bryan.

Kane vs. John Cena is a tough one for me to predict. I'm going with Kane unless John Cena manifests another level of rage and aggression that we have not seen from WWE's most polorizing athlete. Pick: Kane.

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler has 'show stealer' written all over it which puts additional pressure on both athletes. Adding a special referee to the equation, John Laurninaitis, has to be factored into the mix. Can Punk overcome the odds to prevail or has Ziggler's time arrived? Punk is WWE's 'hottest,' new star but that doesn't mean that he can't lose. I see Punk retaining in a stem winder but would not be shocked to see Ziggler leave the Rumble as the WWE Champion. My pick: Punk but I'm not overwhelmed with that selection. 

Royal Rumble Match is the most difficult bout to predict all year in WWE. The order of entry, the surprise entrants, and the fact that the men in previous bouts including challengers and ex-champs can enter the Rumble is a bona fide wild card. 

I do think that someone will get on a roll and distinguish themselves at some point within the Rumble match. A Brodus Clay sequence could be in order especially considering that most battle royal-like scenarios often times favor the larger men even though being the biggest dog in the fight doesn't guarantee victory. 

The most likely winners include Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Wade Barrett or someone completely off the radar at this time. I picked Orton a week or so ago and will stick with that pick even though I'd not bet any JR's BBQ Sauce on that 'guess.'

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

-In addition, JR appeared on 1560 The Game Radio today to discuss the Royal Rumble in detail. Click here to listen.

  • DanBo7o7

    I would love to see Jericho win it just so we could see him feud with Punk. If not Jericho than someone off the radar like JR said. Maybe someone like Cody Rhodes or a returning surprise person (Lesnar or Undertaker)

    • matt

      i would hate to see undertaker win it

  • Matt Scott

    JR may as well have said "I'll pick one of 30 guys to win it" by saying "The most likely winners include Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Wade Barrett or someone completely off the radar at this time."

  • Bertie

    My pick is cm punk! Dolph ziggler to win title then punk wins rumble! Heard it here first! Maybe it could work other way round and ziggler win but wouldn’t be as much of an impact also a heel won last year so maybe a faces turn. Apart from that I’d say Jericho and he doesn’t say a word then week or two before mania hits a belting promo on punk and fights punk for the title at mania

  • Mike Brailsford

    Neither the WWE or World titles have changed hands at the Royal Rumble. I'm predicting this year will be no different.

    • dave c

      not quite, Sgt. slaughter beat the ultimate warrior for the strap at the 1991 royal rumble

    • Sabes

      Cena beat Edge in 2006 for the wwe title…

      • I read BB’s link. Ouch! That doesn’t sound like any fun at all! But yes… The Rock definitely has ascrihma. 🙂

  • mchale138

    I see a returning Christian winning the rumble.

  • alex

    I see ryder coming and winning and turning up the heat with his character

  • Austin

    I really hope Orton doesn’t win. There’s no reason for him to win. He’s already established as a main event guy and doesn’t need it. He’s boring, wrestles like he’s just going throught the motions, bland forgettable promos, and worst of all never loses. He always seems to dominate. If he does lose its by a dirty finish or a fluke, which doesn’t put new talent over at all. I wouldnt mind if he left for a while and came back with more passion for the business. He needs a heel turn. He just so stale. I remember back when he kicked cenas dad in the head. He’d go after people’s family members. He was an animal that would do anything to get an edge,to get in his oppnents head. That’s more interesting than the bland,predictable “viper”.

    • Harsh from India

      I totally agree with u mate…he is real boring,never loses and is totally dominant…even austin ,rock and angle use to lose matches but Randy Orton never gets defeated….even if he loses its not clean !!

  • alvaro

    Daniel Bryan will win and then face wwe champ cm punk in a champ vs champ match to unified. Enough with 2 champs. Back to one like in the 90s.

    • 07.05.11 at 3:48 pmThatsamareI actually liked the lscoing segment, but, I am still confused as to why Cena would give a shit to not fighting Punk, especially after they crowned a new #1 contender. Is it just me, or are the WWE bookers playing Raw vs Smackdown 2005 too much? Two fighters fighting every week does not necessarily mean that the crowds interest levels are going to increase. I think they should get rid of Eve and hire a couple more hot Latina divas and a red head to give the Diva division more diversity. Fire Jerry Lawler. That is all

  • alvaro

    What thats wwe mean by every superstar is eligible to enter the rumble. They are certanly more than 30 wrestlers in the rosters. So how many entries 50? Or thats it mean that some one already in a match will win like Daniel Bryan. Otherwise why say everyone is eligible they have never said that to obvious so the rumble winner is some one wrestling in the under card punk ziggler Kane cena Bryan I hope is not cena.

    • @RatedMKD

      It's definitely only 30 entrants. Emphasising that stipulation does seem to indicate that someone already booked in another match is slated to win, but then again, it could just be a tagline to get people talking (and more importantly, buying).

  • Dougie

    Am I the only 1 thinking the returning guys could be out of –
    Road Dogg
    Billy Kidman
    The Rock
    Austin (Austin v Punk at mania?)
    Just a few that popped into my head