Jim Ross Retires From WWE

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WWE announced Wednesday here on dot com that Jim Ross is retiring from the company following 20 years of service.  According to their report, JR will leave WWE to focus on "his personal business endeavors."

Jim Ross debuted with WWE at Wrestlemania IX in 1993 and became one of the greatest wrestling commentators of all-time for his work alongside Jerry Lawler during the Attitude Era.  Ross was removed from weekly commentary in 2009 due to his third Bell's palsy episode.

While Ross' desire was to return to the booth, he was never again used on a weekly basis.  Ross made sporadic appearances on television including filling in for Jerry Lawler last year following Lawler's heart attack.  JR has spent the latter years of his WWE career as a talent relations consultant.

In addition to his accomplished career as a broadcaster, Ross served as Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and is credited for signing some of WWE's biggest stars.

Below is some Twitter reaction from around the Internet:

  • ken

    Wish he would’ve at least done WM 30 and then retire 🙁

  • Frenchfry

    love JR!

  • The-Package

    It’s got to be a work. JR has said nothing on his twitter account

    • Nostaljack

      You may very well be right. I can see them doing that to add some more realism to the angle.

    • BIG M

      Maybe it wasn’t his choice to retire.
      Wouldn’t put it past VKM to dig the knife in and twist it one more time as it relates to JR’s career.
      But then again everything I just suggested good be the “Work” your thinking bout so who knows.
      Hope it is an angle hard to see WWE without Jim Ross there in some capacity.

      • amaanakter

        I heard that Vince blames JR for Ric Flair going ‘crazy’ over Summerslam weekend

  • smark calloway

    godspeed JR . you will be missed . nobody could do soundbites like this man.. ” good god almighty will somebody stop the damn match ” , ” stone cold , stone cold , stone cold , !!! ” ” show me the money matt hardy” ” lita jerking edge off ….. the ladder “

  • CJ Blaze

    He will be missed!

  • BIG M

    Sad Sad day.
    With All due respect to Michael Cole good “ol” JR Jim Ross is the one and only voice of WWE and Pro Wrestling in general (sorry Mike Tenay and Kevin Kelly).
    Enjoy your BBQing mate.

    • Matt

      You’ve got BBQ sauce on your chin mate ..

  • Kleck

    Thank you Jim Ross

  • amaanakter

    Legend! Never another one like him enjoy life now JR!

  • Charlie


  • Navin T. Ramkissoon

    Thanks for the Memories JR. Truly a Legend

  • T-Zone


    (Based on famous Mick Foley quote]

    Thank You Jim Ross for the memories you have given me. Good Luck in your future endeavors.

  • Matt

    You clearly included the twitter thing at the bottom to stroke your own ego again.

    • smark calloway

      hes just grayfabin’

      • Matt

        And the comment was deleted. This site has become an absolute joke.

  • Patrick

    after 20 years with WWE and 15 to 20 between NWA/WCW, and UWF .he started in 1974 he has had a great career and he will be missed…

  • The Breaker

    We were so spoiled to have him make the call for those years. Congratulations to JR!

  • devin steele

    tna by december…BANK ON IT!