Jim Ross Says He Will Be At 1000th Raw; David Otunga Calls Halle Berry A Trooper

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- Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter:

- David Otunga, who has a roll in the WWE Studios film "The Hive," posted the following on Twitter regarding Halle Berry's accident that resulted in her being rushed to the hospital:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending these in.

  • Kleck

    I know it’s become cliché but this news deserves a little: YES YES YES!!

  • Moose666

    It wouldn't be a complete 1000th episode without JR!

  • mistersmith

    Will JR be a part of the broadcast? Yep. He has a Cena/Punk match to call.

  • Alex

    JR better have a roll to play at Raw 1000, hopefully calling the CM Punk/Cena title match. Cole don't need to be anyway near that match screaming his "vintage".

  • Adam

    JR is such a great announcer love hearing his voice on the new nxt just wish he was on raw & smackdown though and he should announce the whole of raw 1000