Jim Ross Says Tasteless Comment Was Michael Cole's Poor Attempt At Being A Villain

Jim Ross took offense to Michael Cole making the following comment on last week's Smackdown:

"I have nothing wrong with my mouth...unlike JR"

For those that do not know, JR suffers from Bell's Palsey, a disorder of the nerve that controls movement of the muscles in the face.

Ross wrote on his Twitter account it was "sad commentary" and he hopes Cole "never gets ill." He said with Vince McMahon not at the show, a writer can't be blamed and it was Cole's "poor attempt" at being a villain.

  • pipebomb

    i dont know about the rest of you but cole makes me want to stop watchin raw and smackdown, his voice is like nails on a chalkboard now the entire show all he does is ramble and ramble and ramble about nonsence trying to be a heel

    • Khalkaroth

      I don't know, he sounds more like someone who try to make people react by any means necessary like some kind of reality tv show….. oops I've fallen right into his trap =X XD

    • MonsterMike42

      I know I can take a lot of crap but last week on Smackdown! Cole seemed more annoying than usual so I actually watched on mute. Unless someone was talking on camera the T.V. was on mute and all I could hear were the noises outside my room. So yeah, I missed the comment. (Thank God!)

      • Joe

        I'm with ya, especially during Bryan's match, I just didn't want to deal with it. Looking forward to going to the rumble without hearing him. may start Cole sucks chants, but could push Vince to keep him on because it generates more heat on him.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    That is a terrible act by Cole, he should know better. during one of the few times I had the sound on.. I do remember Cole saying that statement and I just shook my head Disgust.

  • slade6alpha

    Wow, at first I thought this was a fat joke, but then it made no sense so I dismissed it. Now i find out JR has this disease, that really is sad. The thing with Cole is, he's a terrible commentator that switches from heel to neutral so often it's not even funny. Also he's not a good heel to begin with, because he can't back up anything he claims against guys like Bryan, calling him a coward, when you get in his face and he backs down. Make him a manager, get him off commentating and save us the trouble WWE, this MIchael Cole experiment needs to end.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      Gole does shoot off his big mouth and backs down as a coward when confronted…then complains he has a right to his opinion and Daniel Bryan has no right to get in his face. sorry Cole you Bad mouth someone you can't expect him to stand there and take it. If Cole did that outside of WWE he would be buried 6ft under.

      • H.M.

        Um, the thing with DBryan is an angle. Of course Cole is going to get heat for being that loudmouth jack*** who runs away. That's pure heel and it's an excellent attempt at garnering heat. Aren't you taking the storyline a little too seriously?

        • Patrick_Peralta

          I know it's a angle…no kidding… and no I'm not taking it to seriously bottom line Cole needs to go period. he's not good at his job.


    glad to see we all agree that Michael Cole is garbage on commentary and a detriment to the entire show. if only WWE would listen to us and pull this bum off TV or commentary at least. and get us our ice cream bars…

  • sportsman6100

    JR knew that when this was said that it was just part of Cole being heel. Let’s not get so sensitive during the attiude era there were a lot worse things said over the microphone.

    • kbunyon

      But during the AE the WWE wasn't making a huge deal about bullying and was running fast and loose with everything in the production. The problem is that the WWE is trying to play holier than thou while still bullying and being downright nasty.

      Cole isn't a heel, he's a menace and should not be on RAW or SD,but will continue to be because VKM loves him and because Cole is Cena's bestie. Can't upset VKM's merchandise meal ticket!


  • Cristina

    I'm not sure if the question I should be asking is Why Cole is allowed to get away with this? or Why JR allows Cole and management to treat him this way? And WWE wants us to buy into the whole Be A Star anti-bullying campaign. What a crock of $hit.

  • John

    He also made a "horsing around" comment when Lillian and Hornswoggle were in the ring together on her first night back, but I am sure that Vince would have loved that one. "Don't be a bully…"

  • H.M.

    Yet another distasteful comment from Cole. Really, if he wants to be a heel, by all means do it. I'm not of those people who think Cole should disappear. I just think he should go back to doing commentary like he used to up until his recent heel turn. Honestly, he was actually a very good commentator. He knows how to call matches and is the 2nd most competent commentator the company has after JR of course. The problem lies in the fact that Cole's bickering and whining and 'heel-ishness' gets to the point where it just annoys you to no end and ultimately takes away from the match overall. When was the last time we saw an announce team in the WWE actually call a match, and the moves utilized by the performers?

  • Toyotaman

    Micheal cole could just very well be the downfall of raw and smackdown! If not him then john lauranitis could be!

  • LJC

    What was it that J.R. did to the WWE for them to threat him this way week after week?

  • Jim

    I get what WWE is trying to accomplish by having Cole say the things that he says. They want a heel announcer that can further the point of view of the heels that he supports. Like Bobby Heenan, Jesse Ventura, and The King did back in the day. Problem is Cole comes across as an insufferable douche. While Heenan, Ventura, and King were funny and entertaining when they did the same job. I can’t explain why, but there is nothing funny or entertaining about the things Michael Cole says. He sounds like a whiney spiteful person that instead of entertaining people with what he says, like the announcers I named above, he literally offends them. I think it might have something to do with all the announcers I named from the past being retired in ring performers that could read a croud. While Cole doesn’t have that skill set. He literally makes me change the channel at times. Why WWE hasn’t toned him down is beyond me.

    work a croud.

  • Your right Cole, you have nothing wrong with your mouth unlike JR….. Yet JR is still twice the commentator that you are; so that makes you twice as Sh**.

    Michael Cole is the only person I know who could enter a Cock Fight without owning a Rooster!!!

  • Tab

    I think Cole’s comment overstepped the mark. How is he able to get away with this?
    JR is twice the commentator Cole will ever be.

  • TheDarkPlumber

    The problem with the heat Michael Cole generates is that it makes fans hate the product. It's okay for wrestlers to be hated because they get their own little section and then it's off to the next segment. With Cole, we have to listen to him all night. And I'm all for him being a heel if he wants; but the thing is he cuts everyone off and goes into wild pointless tangents as well as personal attacks on just about every wrestler. It was mentioned in the comments that he changes his personality far too often; couple that with the fact that he openly debases the product (be it wrestlers or storylines or even the entirety of NXT and the divas division) and you realize Cole is trying to make you hate WWE. He isn't directing that heat at superstars like a heel announcer is supposed to, he keeps it on himself. So you spend the whole night hating Cole, which removes you from the actual wrestling at hand.

  • WNW Fan

    Let Cole go to TNA and team up with Karen.

  • I enjoy Michael Cole. He is doing exactly what he is paid to do. Be a heel. And he is doing exactly that. Now, i understand people get upset because he is being a jerk, prick, asshole, etc. But that's what he is doing.

  • Ellen

    Cole – you downright Suck!

  • That comment is very offensive and personal to me. I have a friend who has Bell’s Palsey, and his life is like h***, because of all the comments he gets.

  • Britt Maystone

    …and for months after months we allow dumb Cole shout his hatefull comments towards DBryan…but if del Rio does exactly the same thing, Cole is covered in deep silence. Say No More…
    Cole loves to be de dirty hypocrite self- satisfying jerk and americans love his sense of humor, no matter what…but outside the US, nobody understands why.
    Typical american!