Jim Ross Sets The Record Straight On His Role & Responsibilities In WWE

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In a recent interview with The Gazette, Jim Ross spoke openly about his role in WWE. Below is an excerpt:

“I’m a senior advisor, like a consultant. I still play the “J.R.” character on television. It’s a recurring role on TV, just that. I’m a senior advisor in talent relations and talent-development. I’m actively engaged in recruiting, training and observing rookies in the system, the next generation of sports-entertainment performers that are trained in the WWE’s facility in Tampa. I’ll spend more time in that area than I did when I was executive vice president and the primary play-by-play voice of the brand.”

JR spoke primarily about Oklahoma Sooners football in the piece and mentioned he has six season tickets.

  • Thomas M.

    You've gotta hand it to these guys that play a role on television and still have a day job. Even Johnny Ace. He's both the "Interim GM of Raw" and the real Executive VP of Talent Relations. For years, Vince has run the show both on screen and behind the scenes. It seriously like two jobs with only one paycheck (albeit rather large for the gentlemen I mentioned).

  • chopper

    is big daddy v at Tampa then?

    • Dave L

      WWE needs another BIG man in the picture they should bring him back to TV's.

      • [email protected]

        Yes! They should!

    • vmagic

      What does this have to do with JR?

      • TNAsucks

        JR is big and Big dady B is big 😉

  • Reed

    He is the Executive Senior Adviser of Talent Relations

  • XKonn247

    I did wonder what his role was but always leaned towards talent relations.

  • EvilKevyn

    Jim Ross and Michael Cole are my tag champs in WWE '12! 😀