Jim Ross Talks About Recreating The Emotion Of The Attitude Era In WWE '13

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Jim Ross talks about providing play-by-play for WWE '13 embedded in the video below:

  • Just throw in a bunch of “stone cold! Stone cold!”, some “bah gawds”, and “slobberknockers” and you got the attitude era in a nutshell.

  • Dave Barton

    Has JR lost weight? His face looks thinner to me.

    • MonsterMike42

      BBQ diet? If that works I'm all for it.

  • Joey

    Notice the microphone in the hand of the ref when Rock Rock Bottoms Mankind through the announce table. The I Quit match has returned Ladies and Gentlemen.

    • Hardy

      You could be right!! Regardless this game actually looks great, Ive bought most of the games but this is the first one I’ve actually been excited about for a long time. Be great to re live some of those great attitude era moments.

  • Ken

    Now if only they could put the Attitude Era in their main programming we'd be cooking on gas.

    • Loki

      Amen …

  • Evon Reese

    I wasn't sure about returning to the attitude Era but I enjoyed Cena so much more at Montreal . More of this Cena and I'm all for it. If Vince doesn't want to go full blown Attitude Era then at least make it more edgier.

  • Msuth

    I just hope the game play is better than WWE12!