Jim Ross To Florida Championship Wrestling; WWE Preparing For Call-Ups

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- Jim Ross is scheduled to evaluate talent in Florida Championship Wrestling this week.

- Speaking of Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE is in the process of evaluating several performers for call-ups. Damien Sandow, formerly known as Idol Stevens, was on the road with the Smackdown crew this weekend.

  • Alex

    I hope it works out for Sandow/Stevens. I feel like the guy has been in the WWE developmental for years. He was in developmental for a while, called up, sent back down, released, and then re-signed to a developmental contract. I just hope it all works out for the guy.

  • sforester

    They're looking at that kid again? I didn't see much special in him when he was McCool's "Teacher's Pet", but I'm hoping that he's grown and improved since then. Personally I'd like to see what Donny Marlow (Haku's kid) can do on a main roster.

    • Blazeking

      He has, he has. He beat Seth Rollins for the FCW 15 title.

  • @RatedMKD

    I'm probably going to sound like a broken record here, I mention this guy nearly every time the topic of talent being called up occurs, but DEAN AMBROSE!

  • I hope to see Dean Ambrose (John Moxley) and Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) get called up I think they are good talents.

  • michael torres

    I hope to see them all in the WWE,someday.of course,I am hoping the best for dean ambrose and Seth rollins.Because it is gonna be a long tough road ahead for them.

  • michael torres

    like I said,I hope to see all of them in the WWE someday.I do hope the best for dean ambrose and seth rollins,Because they got a long,tough road ahead of them.

    • michael torres

      what happens if it's not approved?