Jim Ross To TNA?, Big Show's Character, Bo Dallas Not Ready, Undertaker

Is there any chance that Jim Ross makes the move to TNA now that he has "retired" from WWE?

Anything is possible but I don't see it as a likely. Jim Ross has never shown interest in TNA (at least not publicly) and they are in a state where they have been cutting expenses. What message would it send if TNA brought him in at a time when they are cutting talent? I expect JR to continue to contribute to the business through his blog, sell his BBQ sauce and hold Q&A events like he recently did overseas.

Does Big Show have any creative control over the current portrayal of him as a suck-up crybaby? It can't be good for him in the long-term.

I am sure Big Show has some stroke when it comes to  the booking of his character but I don't think his current gimmick hurts him in the long-term. When you're as large as Big Show, you can flip the switch from "gentle giant" to "unstoppable monster" at the drop of a dime. His current character keeps him in the limelight and annoys people. It's doing exactly what it's intended to do.

Is the fact that Bo Dallas appeared on main roster TV briefly then 'disappeared' back to NXT purely a result of being lost in the mix around Wrestlemania or is the fact that he hasn't re-emerged since indicative of concerns around his readiness?

WWE officials are still high up on Bo Dallas as a developmental talent. They gave him some main roster experience but the feeling was he wasn't ready just yet. While these guys can work in developmental forever, the only sure way to gauge a worker's progress is to take them on the road with the main roster and see how the crowd reacts. Dallas needed some more seasoning but that's not to say he won't be ready at some point.

Do you think next year will be The Undertaker's final Wrestlemania match?

I am finished speculating on when The Undertaker will hang it up. Every year he comes in and exceeds my expectations so it's just a situation that I'm going to sit back and enjoy. It is worth nothing that he's not a sure thing for Wrestlemania XXX but made it clear as early as the pay-per-view this year that he wanted another bout next year.

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  • Scottyo614

    Does anyone else think Bo Dallas just needs a repackaging? I can’t get past his name at all. It sounds like either a crappy soap opera name or porn star name.

  • 1molly23

    ‘Taker is the epitome of “the man”. These young talents coming along need to take a lesson from the Dead Man. His in-ring and mic skills have something to be said for him – and his in-ring presence is beyond compare, even his entrance – after all these years brings chills to my spine and goose bumps! He is a giant of a man, and has kept himself and his persona untouchable. Pay attention – learn from one of the greats of the IWC. ‘Taker, Kane, HBK, Bret Hart, Paul Bearer, Classy Freddy – all have lessons to be learned from.

    • Dan

      I’d say Paul Heyman as well added to your list. Not many people like him but he’s a hell of a manager in his gimmick

      • 1molly23

        guess I should have said, just to mention a few.

  • Matt

    Given that Bo Dallas is only 23 he has a hell of a future in front of him. To write him off now would be silly.

    But then again, what do I know? Just taking this opportunity to point out this site is full of cyber bullies. I’ve done my damnedest to bring this issue to the attention of the admins but to no avail. So, as I’ve read my comments “mean nothing”, “should be ignored” and “no one pays attention to them”. These internet big boys must feel great now. A whole seven people care what they think!

    And FYI, there are more than one Matts who watch WWE. Oh my God! MORE THAN ONE MIGHT COMMENT ON HERE! Enjoy your pretentious, self centered arrogance.

    • 1molly23

      Wow, you’re angry! Just report the cyber bullies you’re encountering. you can block them from posting on you. You’re right about Bo Dallas. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, maybe a little neutrality in your comments would help? You never know! 🙂

      • smark calloway

        it is annoying though when people call you a troll and liar when you are just stating an opinion or even just quoting what a wrestler themselves have said in an interview . ive even had to present video evidence onto the site to prove to one steve prichard that i am not trolling or lying …a lot of people on here are so angry and defensive and think that if you say something that they havent heard before then you are ” trolling ” which with me at least is not the case at all. i will always backup what i say with prove

        • smark calloway


        • Xavier

          I get accused of being a troll all the time just because I’m one of the few people on here who actually likes John Cena. After awhile you just kind of get use to it I guess.

          • Matt

            Yeah right!! “You’re” the one who gets worked up the most!..

    • Simze

      How old are you 10? Dude all you have to do is not read it or here’s a thought exit the page.

    • sheamusfan

      Dude then maybe u can post with another name. Instead of complaining try encountering your problems.

    • BIG M

      Another “Matt” by the name of Matt Scott pointed out to me yesterday that he is sick and tired of being confused with THE Matt everyone can’t stand if your Matt Scott or another “Matt” I think I speak for everyone when I say sorry for the confusion and try posting under a different name.
      On the other hand If your THE “Matt” whom everyones sick of.
      Who comes on this site solely to comment and reply insulting offensive garbage every day to everyone then I would say the only cyber bully on here is you big boy.
      If I could say anything to the admin on this site I would say find out who this “Matt” character is and block him from commenting permanently thank you.

      • PFA56

        Agreed 100% find out who this Dick is and get rid of him.

      • Matt

        YOU’RE WELCOME!..

  • BMGabe

    of course someone had to ask the stupid TNA question

  • David

    I have to say the answer you gave on the Undertaker question is the best answer you’ve ever given in Ask WNW.

  • Sandeep Agarwal

    I don’t think it is that easy for Big Show to switch his role. Playing this helpless-whiny-guy-with-a-soft-heart character so often has made him look less vicious, especially as a heel. There was a time when giant superstars like him used to look extremely intimidating, a reason why their height was always highlighted during their matches. But now having a 7’2 guy in the ring seems like a normal thing. It is because of the way Big Show has been booked in recent years i don’t see him as an unstoppable monster anymore.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    I really don’t wanna see Taker vs anybody BUT a John Cena or a Brock Lesnar or a Rock. It has to be one of those three! And Since Cena vs Rock and Cena vs Brock have already happened recently I might add, the logical answer is Cena vs Taker, Brock vs Rock and dare I dream, CM Punk vs Austin. Now three huge matches that should each headline a respective WM however this is WRESTLEMANIA XXX So it should feature every match as being special! I am all for a triple main event!

    • jeff

      Cena is the only choice. I dont want to see rock at next years mania (2 in a row is enough), and he should only fight brock if its his last match. But we all know cena will be in the main event…for a title…again…lol…#same ‘ol sh!+.
      I hope hes not fighting HHH again tho.

    • Tim

      Granted te streak wasn’t big back then. But it still boggles my mind how taker never faced the rock or stone cold at wrestlemania

    • TheBigKing1

      At least 2 of those 3 will happen, but none that year. The Rock isn’t wrestling at WM 30. It’s Brock vs Taker at Wrestlemania XXX. CM Punk vs Austin will most likely happen at WM 31. I’m still not sure if Brock vs Rock will happen now…but we will see,

  • Sheldon

    I may get heat for this but I think John cena should be undertaker’s next opponent with cena giving the reason that its been 10 years since he debuted at wrestlemania XX (2004) and now he wants to try to be the man to end the streak as a way to define his legacy. I’m not saying he should end it but that storyline would make sense. Does anyone agree?

    • BIG M

      If Cena breaks the streak WWE would have a riot of P***T OFF fans in the big easy surly they wouldn’t dare think about it.

    • Xavier

      I 300% agree. I’ve been wanting too see Cena/Taker at Mania for the past few years now.

      • Matt

        WoW!! You popped big time huh buddy .. You would “300% agree”

        • Simze

          Bro weren’t to just talking about cyber bullying

          • Matt

            “Bro!..” who the hell is talking to you?!

          • Simze

            Well when some dumbass talks about being a victim of cyber bullying and then bullies someone else is a huge hypocrite and deserves to be called out

  • Tim

    I would still like to see takers final match vs Kane at wrestle mania . He doesn’t have to lose. But it would still be a great ending to his career.

  • Stoney

    WWE seems to ruin a lot of good characters these days, last year big show was an unstoppable giant now they turned him into a wuss, and R-Truth was a crazy heel (I think the top heel of 2011) then in 2012 he became a mentally unstable face with an imaginary kid, whoever thought of that gimmick for him should of been fired, you obviously can’t fire this as he has final say on everything, and Natalya was once a dominant diva, who WWE gave a flatulence gimmick too, Teddy Hart is the only member of the Hart family that deserves a gimmick like that.

    • Stoney

      * Vince
      Damn autospell

    • TheBigKing1

      Vince thought he should be a face because the Lil Jimmy thing would be HUGE…everybody said NOOOOO! He did it anyway, and it didn’t work out, now he gotta start all over. I’m not sure why the hell he thought he was going to be a huge over face with the Lil Jimmy gimmick…I guess because he was so funny and entertaining as a heel prior to that, idk.

    • BlazeKing

      The lil Jimmy stuff was hilarious. Speak for yourself, lol.