Jim Ross Weighs In On Brock Lesnar Retiring From UFC/WWE Return Speculation

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- The following is from the official Twitter account of Jim Ross:

  • anthony

    Shame that whoever it is returning tomorrow night is already going to be a disappointment because the Lesnar rumors are so rampant, anyone else showing up will only feel like a let down. Unless it is Austin returning to take Punk out (though I highly doubt that).

    • H.M.

      Yep. Self induced overspeculated hype only to be disappointed is a common theme for fans. Can't blame the WWE; I blame the fans for expecting TOO MUCH.

      I still think it might be Jericho because of how masterfully he diverted the hype surrounding him onto Lesnar.

  • Yoshi082079

    If it is Austin, he wouldn't use mind games the same goes for Lesnar. These two are know for just one thing and that is kicking can. Don't need no stinkin Video to tell people their return.

    • Manny

      I think is the undertaker

      • craig

        i hope not. be creative for once wwe. no jericho no taker.

  • Tyl3r

    Brock would never return to the WWE, he's already backstabbed them twice now. BL's becoming a backstabbing SOB, just like Ric Flair.

  • EvilKevyn

    As long it isn't Jericho with his 33rd big return. Jericho bores me now. Shouldn't be Taker either. If he had to wrestle now til Wrestlemania he would probably break. Maybe it's Matt Hardy!! LMAO

  • mathew30

    could you imagien if he did return on the next wwe ppv. it would set tongues wagging saying he lost on purpose so he could retire and gain the pay packet etc. but i am quite sure it wont be him.

    and anthony its next month ie 30 days not tomorrow

  • blaine

    Brock could always return as the last man in the Royal Rumble

  • billy dilauro

    my cousin and i think that chris jericho is returning because in the video it says that im coming to take whats rightfully mine. he could be returning because he would always say he was the best in the world so maybe he wants to get his nickname, best in the world

  • Dexter

    Would be cool if it was al snow

    • John

      Even if it was possible for Brock to return to WWE tomorrow night (which it's not) then why would WWE even want to do it? I mean you already got a guaranteed 1million+ buyrate with The Rock returning so why waste the return of Brock Lesnar?

      Brock's stock has never been higher due to his time fighting in the UFC (people like to say WWE made him, which is true in a way but he was a bigger draw in MMA than he ever was in WWE) So a Brock Lesnar return to a WWE ring is a guaranteed 1million+ buyrate for WrestleMania so why waste it on WM 28 when you already got The Rock?.

  • Marc

    Lesnar's still under UFC contract, wun return soon probably!

  • Mark

    I HOPE its not any of the above………………
    And its Shane o Mac returning to bring back the attitude era or something and put an end to this PG crap……..
    Its burning my eyes not to see a proper arse kickers………………….

    • GODSENT83

      Then don’t tune in

  • Victor

    Its Chris Jericho that will come 01/02/12 but I think lesnars time will come for the undertaker at wrestle mania

    Y) year 2012
    2) day 2
    J) january

  • Mishal

    I do believe Brock will be back someday, but at this point its hard to believe. However if he is to return, it will be epic no doubt about it and I do believe that what Jericho said about Lesnar being the mystery is somewhat a cover up, let’s wait and see…….

  • Tim

    This is what I think could happen
    Lesnar returns this Monday and is behind all the vignettes… Jericho returns at the royal rumble wins it then faces punk at wrestlemania for the wwe championship

    • EvilKevyn

      Yay, then Punk and Jericho could talk each other into submission.

      • sean

        That would be cool they are the best talkers in wwe history

        • EvilKevyn

          Yes, because there's not enough inane babble in wrestling anyway.

  • Guest

    Probably Taker, maybe Lesnar, but I know Jericho WILL NOT come back because of the way he trashes WWE. Hope it's someone good, not just Brodus Clay with his return. And wasn't Brodus Clay supposed to be back a few months ago? If they waste promos on him, they need to get a slap to get more entertaining. Just saying that it's probably The Deadman!

    • sean

      You ever think hes trashing wwe to cover it up?

  • Crane

    Plz not Jericho again. I saw Lesnars Fight, a joke but true sadness after it. He’s it not!
    The Taker returns at WM. Maybe it is Goldberg. Ooooohhh sorry, just kiddin.