Jim Ross Weighs In On Rumors Linking Chael Sonnen To WWE

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Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry on his official website where he comments on rumors linking UFC's Chael Sonnen to WWE:

I was pulling for Chael Sonnen but picked Spider Silva to win in three. I also wrote or tweeted @JRsBBQ last week that IF Sonnen lost the "Chael to WWE rumors" would begin immediately and they have.

I see Sonnen, the admitted pro wrestling fan, sticking with UFC. I believe that Chael is a star, an attraction and UFC isn't overloaded with marketable star power at the moment. No company that hangs their hats on PPV revenue is over loaded with star power as these special athletes/performers who more the needle don't grow on trees nor can they be developed over night.

Chael is 35, very late to begin a career at the highest level of sports entertainment, WWE. Is it too late? Probably not but "we're burning daylight" here. I'm guessing Sonnen has 3-5 viable fights left in him which would take him until he's 37-38 years of age. If I were advising Chael I'd recommend that he stick with UFC and keep making those significant pay days in a sport that he has trained for years in which to become excellent plus no one in UFC can sell a fight/event like Chael Sonnen. That works behind a mic too and it's obvious that UFC has little to no broadcasting depth at this time.

So the 'Sonnen to WWE' rumor is just that as far as I'm concerned and I will believe that the 'American Gangster' is WWE bound when I see him walk on RAW. Not before.

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  • LeBron James

    Chael Sonnen is greatness personified! He is an amazing fighter, but the entertainment value he brings is second to none in the UFC. He literally sold that whole ppv. I'd prefer he remains in the UFC though. With the way the WWE is going, it would be a down grade.

  • jay

    Sonnen is single handedly the worst thing to happen to ufc, whilst still not being allowed in some states and having a tv ban in germany now for promoting excess violence a disrespectful arrogant and over rated rip of merchant like him belongs to know corporation, why would wwe want him all he does is rip off old wwe material nothing new, hell i can do that…. ufc is mixed martial arts and martial arts is about respect… he has none and now he can’t even back up his trash talk, i really hope we see as little as possible of him and for anybody to say he s entertaining really needs to take a look at themselfs..