Jim Ross Is A WWE Fan, More On Naomi's Injury, My Thoughts On Punk "Protests"

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- Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from Jim Ross. In it, he explains that he's just a WWE fan now. You can read the article at this link. Speaking of JR, his Raw thoughts are online at this link. Also, for the love of God buy some sauce.

- WWE covered Naomi's eye injury here on dot com. According to their report, she suffered a bruised orbital bone or a bruised eye socket as well as a scratch on her cornea in her match against Aksana on this week's episode of Monday night Raw. We first noted her injury at this link and followed up in this week's Backstage Raw News.

- If you don't follow me on social media, below are my thoughts on the CM Punk "protests":

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I agree 100%.

  • jdl

    There is far more to it than just refraining from watching or attending shows. Did you expect people to just not go to a show they had already bought tickets for? Or to just suddenly decide they did not want to enjoy the performances of other superstars? Simply boycotting WWE programming and events will not suddenly make WWE realize that they are lesser without Punk. There has to be a vocal subset of the viewing and attending population that makes their point heard verbally and in writing regardless of why or how Punk left.

    • The biggest way to prove a point is complete and total product disengagement. But most fans don’t want that, they want something to be outraged about.

      • jdl

        I do agree that fans typically do want to have that “Grr, we’re mad. Grr.” moment, as that’s simply how people work, but complete disengagement will not work either, as the group that is outraged enough over how Punk has been treated is not large enough for the WWE to notice. The vocal subset has to be there lest Punk be forgotten.

        • ?

          Yeah you’re right, disengagement won’t work. Let’s just buy tickets, put money in VInce’s pocket and then yell Punk’s name while watching wrestlers that they want us to watch. That’ll show him, right?

      • 17champ

        Unless CM Punk is the only reason someone is watching WWE, total disengagement just hurts the viewer. I tune in each week for CM Punk as well as DB, the Wyatts, the shield, etc. I may be dissappointed with the CM Punk situation doesn’t mean I’m going to avoid the WWE altogether because then I’m doing myself a disservice.
        I’m not enraged like some fans are but I say if they want to chant, then chant. They bought their tickets and it’s not the library so let them chant all they want. I also think that the more vocal the fans are, the more pressure it puts on CM Punk and Vince to work it out if it can be.

      • Cef Fracker

        I disagree, I think they are chanting and tweeting about CM Punk to show suport in him, to say that the fans be leave in what he has been saying and what he stood for. to assume that all of them are chanting in an outrage is foolish.

        • ?

          Punk doesn’t care.

          • Mysterion

            You know that for a fact yea?

    • Nostaljack

      I agree. By the time Punk was gone, it was too late for the fans who were attending the show. They already bought the tickets. Might as well let your voices be heard while you’re there, right? That doesn’t mean those who attended didn’t enjoy it either. I doubt they chanted his name to total distraction. In fact, it livened up a show that was otherwise pretty bad until Bryan/Orton.

    • Venom

      I probably should have read this before I made my post but I agree. Even wrestlemania, fans are going to attend because they bought tickets well in advance before Batista even signed a deal. In the end they’re not costing WWE anything so WWE should embrace it. I wish fans can also spread their chants to other misused wrestlers like ziggler and company.

  • Jasont2300

    Cmon Richard you cant just tell people stop watching or attented to chant for Cm Punk, We chant so wwe will do what they can to get punk back, treat him and book him right, not give some 4 year rusty vacationer a main event wm match! BS WE WANT PUNK!

    • ?

      It’s not changing anything, get over it, Punk is gone.

  • Snap

    Honest question here. How is people chanting their support for Punk any different to when fans chant “Eddie” or “Randy Savage” when both of those wrestlers are dead? Yes, Punk walked out on his own, but so did Austin a decade ago but would that have stopped people from chanting for Austin, wanting him to come back?

    As far as having bought tickets to live events which Punk was advertised for, WWE is only too eager to offer a refund if Cena won’t be able to appear, so I would think they should offer the same courtesy in regards to Punk.

  • I appreciate everyone’s opinion here but far too many are missing my point. Punk quit. WWE didn’t want him to leave, they didn’t force him out. This is a situation where Punk decided to leave. You can chant whatever you want but at the end of the day Punk quit. You’re not telling WWE anything they don’t already know. They didn’t want him to quit.

    • Venom

      But I think the chant is them telling WWE u pushed Punk over the edge and maybe they should get their heads out if their anus and get their act together.

      • ?

        No it’s not saying that at all, all its saying is that a bunch of people are chanting “CM Punk”

    • Nostaljack

      Maybe not but they are responsible for he conditions that led him to go. As such, we deserve to make as much of a ruckus about it as we’d like.

    • Kid

      No offense but you your self reported that all you know is that punk and Vince had a meeting and punk left. You don’t know what was said in that meeting and punks been quiet so how can you really say he left on his own terms. And fans as myself want punk on tv. I bought a raw ticket for next month specifically to see punk and Bryan so I think we deserve the right to chant his name in hopes that Vince and wwe do whatever it takes to convince punk to come back.

      • ?

        It wasn’t a meeting.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Strange, considering everyone is reporting he had a meeting with Vince behind closed doors and as soon as it was over CM Punk left the building without speaking to anyone. Or were you there and no more than everyone else?

      • ?

        The “right to chant” lol Richard nor anybody else is saying that you can’t chant, we are however saying that it is dumb.

    • Nate

      Richard I agree with you 99% of the time but i think this is that 1% where you are missing the point. To chant “CM Punk” or “We Want Punk” is not the fan’s way of getting back at the WWE. It is a way of voicing their opinions to Punk directly. A way of telling Punk, “Hey, do you hear us? We want you back!” Given the fact that hes only been gone a week, plus the main portion of Punk’s fanbase, most of these chants were coming from educated or informed wrestling fans who understand the situation.

  • Venom

    Again Richard, as I said in the askWNW comments, the fans now and the next few months had already bought their tickets before the CM Punk situation. Same goes with Wrestlemania. They bought their tickets when they went on sale months in advance. I’m sure if they knew what the current planned card when the tickets went on sale i bet they wouldn’t have sold fast.

    For me personally as long as Cena isn’t in the title match and it can be Orton or Batista against a different person I’m fine. Ill only say Orton cause I do feel Orton wasn’t in a main event program the last 3 years so he kind if “earned” it. I believe 3 years ago he faced Punk at mania, then lost to Kane 2 years ago and last year he lost a 6 man tag to the shield. Batista being out for 4 years and walks into WM main event is like spitting on the face of the roster (and Batista is no Rock). And I’m tired of seeing Cena in either a title match or closing a show.

  • Fred

    It has been over a week since CM Punk as SCA did before, take his ball home and not wanna play anymore, it is OLD news now, and the site keeps bringing it up. you have all had your say! So like WWE, WNW should move on!

  • ?

    I’ve never seen a group of grown men turn into such crybaby’s. “Look at us, we are CM Punk fans, Punk has been mistreated, he never does anything wrong, the WWE forced him to leave, now we’re gonna put money into VInce’s pocket and show to the shows and yell his name, That’ll show him”

  • Lebron James

    Exactly. Giving them money as a form of protest is idiotic.