Jim Ross Zeros In On Raw Announce Team

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry online with new random thoughts heading into Sunday's WWE Battleground pay-per-view. In it, he had high praise for the Raw announce team of Michael Cole, John Layfield and Jerry Lawler. Below is an excerpt:

I have great admiration for the RAW announce team, they are all men that I respect and consider to be friends. Michael Cole does what few men, if any, in the lead role could do in today's world of sports entertainment. Cole's responsibility to decimate info and the amount of info is startling. Could JBL be more of an antagonist? John could for my taste but John is a great addition to the broadcast team with his intelligent and topical references. The King is The King....a WWE HOFer. However, when these men are encouraged to talk about matters that are unrelated to any significant to what I'm seeing on the screen it becomes a disconnect for me. If I am watching the TV and my eyes are processing what I am seeing but audibly I am hearing another story then which source of info do I process and retain?

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

  • Chris

    Basically he’s saying that the crew is good (although JBL could be more heelish), but they need to stop feeding them stuff that has NOTHING to do with the current match to talk about. I agree completely.

    • jdl

      I dunno about JBL being more heelish, at the very least he gives the face wrestlers their props and that is important. He can’t be like Tazz is now or King was during his final days as a heel where they say nothing but “Everyone who isn’t evil is poopy.” JBL needs to be a little more ferocious on the mic, he’s at times a little too laid back, but he does solid work.

  • Anand Vijayakumar

    I totally agree. The announce team can talk about other storylines but when you see two people fight in the ring and the announcers are arguing about the orton vs db storyline or punk vs heyman storyline you actually get distracted…

    Am surprised all these geniuses backstage havent figured this out yet…

    Bring JR Back.

  • jdl

    I believe by “decimate”, JR means “disseminate”, Cole is trying to give information and not destroy it. Although he’s terrible enough at his job that he might as well be decimating it.

    • Mike Brailsford

      Decimate means to reduce. It comes from the Roman army’s punishment, picking 1 man from 10 to kill. I think he means Cole (and who could not agree) destroys the information he tries to put across.

      • frenchfry

        Can you use it in a sentence?

        • Mike Brailsford

          The Roman Army General decided to decimate his legion of soldiers in punishment for subordination.