Jimmy Uso (Real Name Jonathan Fatu) Not Arrested For Second DUI

We've received correspondence from the lawyer representing Jimmy Uso, whose real name is Jonathan Fatu, requesting we correct our report from last week that he was arrested on charges of Driving Under the Influence.

According to a statement sent out by Keith M. Goan, Fatu's attorney, Fatu turned himself in for being erroneously cited for driving on a suspended license, which is a violation of his probation.

Fatu was originally placed on probation after pleading No Contest to charges of DUI in 2012, stemming from his arrest on September 29, 2011. According to Goan, Fatu completed the terms and conditions of his probation as directed by the Court. While waiting for the termination of said probation to take effect, the erroneous citation was issued and a violation of probation was filed.  The violation of probation resulted in an arrest warrant being filed.

It was when Fatu turned himself in for the erroneous citation, not a second DUI, that resulted in this arrest report surfacing last Thursday.

Goan released the following statement on behalf of his client:

We are extremely confident that once we get on the Court's docket, Mr. Fatu's probation will be terminated and the citation for driving on a suspended license will be dismissed.

  • DT4

    pretty sloppy reporting from wnw. might want to do a little research next time

    • Kerri

      Wasn’t just WNW that reported it as a DUI. Hope you had fun making the same comment on all the other sites.

    • BlazeKing

      At least they corrected it unlike other sites.

    • check the facts

      hmmm i wonder why wnw reported that it was a dui…maybe because the arrest report says “charges: driving under the influence” ??

      you might want to do a little research next time, DT4.