Jinder Mahal Captures His First WWE Championship At Backlash

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You read that correctly. In the main event of Backlash, Jinder Mahal defied all the odds and defeated Randy Orton to capture the WWE Championship for the very first time.


  • Joseph James

    No matter how much I rub my eyes that headline doesn’t change.

  • Stoney

    I am speechless

  • Dave Barton

    We lost Bray Wyatt as WWE champion for this? Quick, someone make Jinder pee in a cup so we don’t have to suffer through this title reign…

    • Nox Stephonos

      Vince would just “ignore” any positive test from jinder. Too much money to be made in India.

      • Dave Barton

        I think you give Vince too much credit. He ain’t even gonna ASK Jinder to pee in a cup for at least a couple of years, lol.

  • ROB-1.

    They are pushing him because of India? When he was here before he lost most of his matches, give me a break. In a few months he will be put on the back burner again.

  • Vomkrieg

    Pretty bad timing if you ask me. The final of the IPL was last night, and no one in India is going to be talking about anything other than that. It’s as close as India gets to a Super Bowl final in terms of interest in the country.

  • Keith

    First, it’s a business decision, they just announced expanding in India so it makes sense for them to be giving him a huge push right now. Same thing happened with Mysterio. It will create buzz everywhere and then once that wains someone else will step up. Plus, he can dropped to another “up and comer” soon too… which leads to my next point.

    Second, everyone complains that there is no new talent being pushed, things at the top are stale, etc, etc etc, yet when change happens everyone gets upset. If Orton had won last night it would have been “Oh they’re burying Jinder, they wasted months of TV on this.”

    • Avalanchian

      yeah but people were hoping Rusev would have got involved in the match. People would much rather see Rusev as champ than Jinderoids. But yes the decision is strictly business as WWE like to capitalize off that kind of stuff.

      • Keith

        Who “people”? Who, Who, WHO? Would want to see Rusev as champ. And hell, now that the strap is off Orton you might get to see Rusev beat “Jinderoids” for the title. But if Rusev beat Orton straight up then people would complain about that too.

        • Avalanchian

          Opinions they are everywhere. Obviously the ratings will show if it was a wise decision or not.

          • Vomkrieg

            US TV ratings will decide if putting the belt on an Indian dude is a good long term play to open a new market in India.


        • Robert

          I wouldn’t mind Rusev. He has moved up the ranks and deserves it. Jinder was a jobber last month.