Jinder Mahal's Talking Smack Promo Raises A Few Eyebrows

After one of the most surprising victories in WWE history in which he became the #1 contender, Jinder Mahal appeared on Talking Smack to cut a victory promo. He referred to himself as the "new American Dream," which seemed to create a bit of an awkward atmosphere among the hosts. To that point, Shane McMahon even clarified that Dusty Rhodes would forever be the only American Dream but waited until Jinder left to make that statement.


  • Buzzkiller73

    WOW who the F*CK does this man think he is!! Dusty was and is an ICON of this industry, Mahal is nothing but a jacked up glorified jobber who needs his mouth shut. Hopefully he just killed his misconceived push.

    • Mattygrand

      It’s called playing the heel my friend lol he’s doing just fine

      • Buzzkiller73

        No there is being a heel and there is being an ass ans he is an ass.

        • I think ripping the head off the bear was worse by Gallows & Anderson.

          • Buzzkiller73

            I have to say that was pretty low as well. But that was at least done with Dustin’s ok otherwise it would never have happened right in front of him.

          • Do we know it was done with his okay? Because it didn’t seem like anyone knew he was going to do it.

          • Buzzkiller73

            As far as I know. wasn’t in production meeting but afterwards it was reported to be done with his prior knowledge. However I don’t mean that condones his actions just makes it a little more “bearable”.

    • 1molly23

      Jinder Mahal isn’t good enough to carry Dusty Rhodes’ wrestling gear nevermind thinking he’s worthy enough to claim Dusty’s title of American Dream. Maybe Jinder should go do some more drugs to help his mind clear. Those ”roids” will cloud anyone’s good judgement.

    • I Hate You

      Umm no… He’s being a heel and the fact that you don’t like him right now is good. All of the major heels in Smackdown right now are loved (AJ, KO, Charlotte) so WWE needs a heel that people don’t like because that’s the part of being a heel, so I think it’s genius that he was able to piss you off. I don’t like him or hate him but the fact that I’m seeing this comment is making me like him.

      • Buzzkiller73

        Good for you

    • Really_Real

      LOL No he didn’t. He got you to mark out on Social Media. He’s doing his job perfectly!!!

  • Buzzkiller73

    Maybe I need to clarify a bit only 2 men alive have the right to call themselves the “AMERICAN DREAM” that would be his sons Dustin and Cody. Period end of conversation as far as I am concerned.